Arts and Culture

The Department of Arts and Culture offers a variety of activities which contribute to the integral development of the university community, and of society in general through the creation and recreation of art.


General Objectives: Offer cultural activities of the highest quality. Innovated and stay up-to-date in a variety of cultural offerings. Carry out objective research on audience preferences to offer alternatives which satisfy their cultural and recreational needs.




Develop artistic sensibility in the members of the university community. Influence society through a broad and deep study of cultural topics with which to discover and learn to appreciate aesthetic values.



Be an area of expression which not only benefits the university community, but which contributes to influencing local society by imbuing it with artistic and cultural values.



Actividades de arte y cultura

We are a group of students and alumni from Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara Campus, with a common taste for music, seeking personal development through musical activities. 


We are a theater troupe made up of students and alumni from Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara campus . We are committed to offering audiences of all ages high quality experiential theater with creativity and innovation.



To provide the University community an activity through which they can find:

Training in acting: corporal and verbal expression of emotions, and memorization

A space and a dynamic in which to strengthen bonds of friendship.



Who are we? We are a group of university students who develop artistic talent and physical prowess to dance. We are passionate about dancing.


Mission: To form a group of students who are members of the University with the intention to develp their coordination, their work in musicality and physical work. Also, we intend to develop values like discipline and team work to accomplish choreographic works with artistic level to present them in stage. Improve student's dancing techniques and work different disciplines to be prepared not only in dancing.


Vision: To form a UP area exclusive for dancing, a space of arts and culture where different classes of various dancing branches develop. Take students to a high technique and artistic level to develop a representative team that represents UP in different cultural activities outside the University.

Literary appreciation

Who are we? We are pasionate for literature, interested in knowing recognized authors and the meaning behind their stories. Also, we promote culture and the habit to read by knowing the literary elements to enjoy reading more.


Mission: Show that literature is a meeting point to learn more about literary elements that are presented in stories and tales, share points of view, increase the interest in literature.


Vision: To be more than a workshop, a meeting of culture and passion for reading for the university community.


Thursday 2:30 to 4:00 pm G32
External student: $800
Alumni: $300
Students: free

Devour a book

Who are we? We are literature lovers that week after week get together to share ideas and opinions about a previously agreed book among the participants.


Mission: To promote the interest for literature under the premise that the more people, the more a book is enjoyed, share personal experiences lived while we read a book and exchanging points of view in the workshop.

Vision: To be a meeting point in literature, to promote the interest to read and share points of view by exchanging ideas.


Thursday 7 to 9 pm Deck
External students: $500
Alumni: $300
Students: free


Cooking classes

Who are we? We are the Cooking Workshop of the department of Arts and Culture of the Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara Campus; addressed to the whole university community and external people.


Mission: That people learn various cooking techniques to prepare dishes from a menu so that they also get to know various cuisines.


Vision: To reach all the university community so that they know and learn how to cook in an easy, economic and quick way. 


Wednesday 3 to 6 pm
ESDAI Laboratory


Who are we? Instrumental musician teaching activities that from a professional profile, we offer learning in an active and personal way.


Mission: To offer an artistic-cultural space to develop artistic-aesthetic sensibility and have recreation by playing a musical instrument.


Vision: To have a university community more attached to beauty by finding personal delight in the arts, and ultimately to have a better society in Guadalajara by doing this.


Objectives: To develop our students' artistic potencial. To promote the integral formation of persons.