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Student Associations

UP Student Associations is a department within University Life. Its aim is to coordinate and support proposals and activities carried out by all the student groups authorized by the Campus Board of Directors. It seeks also to promote the creation of new groups and to foster active participation of students at Universidad Panamericana.


UP Student Associations includes all those student groups, organization, committees or associations which fulfill the following requirements:

Demonstrate permanence and continuity in the University.

Are attached to the principles of the Universidad Panamericana

Are interdisciplinary

Aim to involve students from any field of studies or semester

Have the approval of the Campus Board 


The Student Council, SAUP, is the principal representative group of Universidad Panamericana. It attends the proposals and needs of the student community.

This is a network of students which seeks to generate added value to the students through entrepreneurial activities, organizing conferences, courses, and workshops.

COPARMEX is the Mexican Employers’ Association, and through their university representative, they aim to link young people to the Association and to the field of business. They accomplish this through activities which allow students to create and refine innovative ideas which will help them become the future leaders and business people of this country.


Entrepreneurial Action Us

Enactus (previously SIFE), is a world-wide organization, working in 39 countries, 1,600 universities and with over 57,000 students. Through Sustainable Productive Projects for Social Impact, they develop in participants skills and competencies which will add to their value as human talent.


Offers information to students from outside the city: bus routes, Laundromats, etc. and organizes activities for them.

A university academy intended to help members increase their chances of being admitted to the best postgraduate programs in Mexico or abroad.

Contact University Life

Director, University Life

Rafael Romero Vidal

+5233 1368 2200 Ext. 0707

Schedule: Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm and 4pm. to 7 pm.



General contact for student associations

Coordination Student Associations

María José Andrade Leguer

+5233 1368 2200. Ext. 4467.

Schedule: Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm and 4 to 7 pm.


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Facebook:  VidaUniversitariaUP

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