Sobre los estudiantes

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Sobre los estudiantes


Alumni is the community formed by alumni, students, family, and faculty of Universidad Panamericana whose aim is to maintain relationships among them and Universidad Panamericana active through the creation of meeting spaces and permanent interaction.


Why belong to UP Alumni?

Continue linked to your Alma Mater, teachers and classmates.

Enjoy the benefits of being Alumni.

Contribute to UP development by increasing its prestige and revalue your degree.


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Estados y Países


We are sure that all students who finish their studies at Universidad Panamericana will become successful professionals who will instil respectful treatment to others and a professional work.


As a sample of this, here are some cases of outstanding Universidad Panamericana's ALUMNI who have international presence:



  • Germany 7 Alumni: Liliana de Alba Blackaller
  • Australia  8 Alumni : Fabiola Robledo Nieto
  • Brazil 1 Alumni:  Moises López.
  • Chile  3 Alumni:  Nohemi Acosta
  • China 6 Alumni: Adelina Ugalde Gleason
  • Colombia 4 Alumni: Horacio Martinez
  • Spain 8 Alumni: Cristina Valdez
  • United States 41  Alumni: Ana Karla Zavala Soto, 
  • Italy 6 Alumni: Guillermo Arregui
  • United Kingdom 6 Alumni: Beatriz Rueda Urrea


“Promoviendo los valores deportivos”.


“El evento que ningún emprendedor debe perderse”.


“Haciendo más y mejores empresas para Jalisco”.