Several universities participate in preparation rounds for International Arbitrage competition


Zapopan, Jalisco.- Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara, was the venue for the second Pre Moot in preparation for the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbritrage Moot 2017 to be held in Vienna and in Hong Kong.


Teams for several universities in Mexico and the United States will be participating in this event, together with arbiters of different nationalities in rounds where teams compete against each other, each defending the interests of their own clients. Each round is held in the oral trials courtroom at the School of Law, as well as specially appointed rooms in the central building.


The first session was a Do´s and don’ts, organized by a panel consisting of Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer (Switzerland), Dr. Louise Barrington (Canada / Hong Kong) and Dr. Ulrich Schroeter (Germany). This talk offered various recommendations to participants in events of this type, both arbiters and student teams.



The suggestions mentioned by the experts included organization, personal appearance and team presentations, punctuality and how to handle arbiter questions. Students were asked to be practical, and also to be aware of cultural differences.



The dynamics of the rounds allowed each university to participate in three sessions. There, they not only presented their arguments, but they also received feedback from the arbiters, who normally participate in the final rounds in the Vienna and Hong Kong editions. Said arbiters were Dr. Ingeborg Schwenzer (Switzerland), Dr. Cesar Pereira (Brazil), Reynaldo Urtiaga Escobar (Mexico), Christophe Cachat (France), Dr. Louise Barrington (Canada/Hong Kong), Dr. Petra Butler (New Zealand), Dr. Paolo Marzolini (Switzerland), Rubén D. Gómez Arnaiz (Mexico), Dr. Daniel Durante (Switzerland), Niccoló Landi (Italy) and Dr. Ulrich Schroeter (Germany).



Isabel Álvarez Peña, dean of the Undergraduate program in Law mentioned that “the teams which participated in this competition had preparatory audiences in different countries; one of these was precisely ours, in Guadalajara”.



Universities participating in this edition were: Loyola University (New Orleans), and the University of Indiana in the United States. From Mexico, they were Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM); Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Santa Fe campus and Guadalajara campus; as well as Universidad Panamericana Bonaterra campus, and Guadalajara campus.