About UP

About UP

Universidad Panamericana was founded in 1967 as a business school. The original group of scholars and business people who founded the Pan-American Institute of Top Business Management (IPADE), soon began promoting what is today Universidad Panamericana. The Pan-American Institute of Humanities (IPH), precursor to Universidad Panamericana, was founded in 1968. In 1978, IPH was elevated to the rank of university, and took the name Universidad Panamericana, even though both IPADE and IPH had initially conceived knowledge as being unitary and universal- that is, a university. Universidad Panamericana has four campi which give service to almost 12 thousand students in 33 degree programs. The first campus was inaugurated in Mexico City in 1968, the second in Guadalajara in 1981 and a third in Aguascalientes in 1989. Campus Santa Fe, also located in Mexico City, was inaugurated in 2011. As one university with one spirit, UP works daily on three foundational pillars: teaching, research, and transmission of culture. In virtue of an agreement between the Governing Board and the Prelature of Opus Dei, Universidad Panamericana has entrusted to that Prelature the spiritual attention and doctrinal guidance of all its activities. The University, in its few decades of life, has come to occupy a place as one of the top universities in Mexico.



Educate persons who seek the truth and commit to it, promoting a Christian humanism which contributes to building a better world.



As a university, become a global referent through academic quality, ethical formation, and a Christian view of life.


Be a university whose alumni are socially responsible and aspire to professional and personal fulfillment.

Institutional Principles

Institutional Principles

  • A Christian view of life
  • The search for truth through scientific rigor
  • Person-based education
  • Formation in liberty and responsibility
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Well-done work, with a sense of excellence and service to others


If you are interested in an institution where persons assume responsibility for what they should know and do, then UP is for you. It's possible that someone has recommended that you look for information on the University. A large part of our student body has gotten to know about us through a friend, a relative, or a neighbor... This kind of personal promotion is a consequence of our institutional catchword: If you want to be useful, serve. We believe in discreet, but sustained progress, in professional competence based on study and perseverance throughout the semesters and the years, in hard work, honesty and loyalty. In sum, the characteristic traits of this University are two aspects of one spirit: the absolute priority of service to each person, and service to a company as a fundamental productive unit. Thus, we seek in each of our employees a background of professional competence grounded in personal human qualities.


Strategic lines of the University

  1. Academic drive
  2. Research
  3. Image and positioning
  4. Christian identity
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Finance

Motto and shield


Our motto and shield identify the fundamental principles which move us as a University: “Ubi espíritus, libertas” (Where the spirit is, there is liberty). 



The University shield is made up of two key elements: a red square and a blue band that appear in the left lateral represent the coat of arms used by Christopher Columbus during the discover of America. These symbolize Pan-Americanism. In the right lateral, on a background of gold, appears an oak tree, symbol of strength. Its roots are the different sources of an integral formation: the four ramifications symbolize the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance); the acorns and leaves represent the other virtues, derived from the first four.

The university does not turn its back on any human concern, any problem of society, or any citizen worry.  The university should respond to these demands with the resources at hand: the sharing of thought, openness to dialogue, and an unceasing search for the truth. The work of scientific research synthesizes this university vocation.


The contemporary world asks the university institution- with increasing urgency- to offer creative solutions to its many problems. Only through quality applied research will the university be capable of offering these answers. 


Work well done and integral life

Since its beginnings, activity at Universidad Panamericana has been guided by a spirit of work well done, an unceasing search for the truth, and the promotion of human virtues.


It shares these traits with Opus Dei, a Catholic institution whose mission is to promote among men and women of any social field, a personal commitment to following Christ, and a search for sanctity in daily life.