About UP

The university does not turn its back on any human concern, any problem of society, or any citizen worry.  The university should respond to these demands with the resources at hand: the sharing of thought, openness to dialogue, and an unceasing search for the truth. The work of scientific research synthesizes this university vocation.


The contemporary world asks the university institution- with increasing urgency- to offer creative solutions to its many problems. Only through quality applied research will the university be capable of offering these answers. 


Universidad Panamericana takes its vocation for research seriously. Our principal work is, and will always be, the development of science and knowledge.


In the Buenos Aires daily Clarín, dated September, 1982, Jorge Luis Borges declared: “there are a multitude of evils which overwhelm us: economic ruin, joblessness, hunger, demagogic anarchy, violence, senseless nationalism, and a generalized absence of ethics. The last of these is the worst”.


The university, as a privileged space for the sharing of thought, must also try to restore the ethical sense, against the inertia of an environment of deep malaise, increasingly technical and decreasingly human.


To this end we direct our daily efforts at UP. With the individual at the center of action, our community of students and faculty dedicate their work to this goal. As you browse our web page, you can discover a small sample of our work. Thank you for your visit. Welcome.


Dr. José Antonio Lozano Díez

President, UP-IPADE