Prelature of Opus Dei

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Prelature of Opus Dei

Work well done and integral life

Since its beginnings, activity at Universidad Panamericana has been guided by a spirit of work well done, an unceasing search for the truth, and the promotion of human virtues.


It shares these traits with Opus Dei, a Catholic institution whose mission is to promote among men and women of any social field, a personal commitment to following Christ, and a search for sanctity in daily life.


The Instituto Panamericano de Humanidades was founded in 1968. This later gave rise to Universidad Panamericana, and it shares with Opus Dei the principles of an integral life, according to Christian morality and values. All of this, through the work and leadership of the founders of  Universidad Panamericana.


Because it is a Christian-inspired university- with roots in the Catholic faith- and because of its association with Opus Dei, at Universidad Panamericana you can find a chapel, and chaplaincy services. Services and priests are available to anyone who requires them, with respect for the liberty of students and faculty, and without regard for creed.


What Opus Dei?

Its mission is to spread the message that work and ordinary circumstances of life offer an opportunity for an encounter with God, for serving others and for improving society .

The Opus Dei works with local churches, offering Christian formation (classes, retreats , priestly care) to people who wish to renew their spiritual life and apostolate.

Its founder, St. Josemaría Escrivá , surrendered completely to the fulfillment of this mission. As part of its universal, apostolic work- with absolute respect for freedom and pluralism - the Opus Dei has reached more than 30 countries on five continents .

As part of this apostolate , in the fifties , St. Josemaría urged the creation of various educational, vocational, and training centers, hospitals, universities and clinics. These initiatives created a deep professional sense and a lay mentality, as they opened their doors to people of all religions, races and social conditions.


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