Undergraduate admissions Aguascalientes
International candidates

In UP we are interested in having you live an international experience. We want you to get to know new cultures, to learn other languages, and to interact with professionals from your field in other countries.

Studying abroad transforms the individual. At UP, our intention is to promote a radical change which transcends simple academic tourism. We want you to grow through challenge, independence, learning, and responsibility.

At present, UP has over 80 agreements with universities around the world so you can include an international stage in your university experience.

In order to live a study-abroad experience, you need to:

  • Be a regular student
  • Have accredited English

You can study abroad in the following semesters:

  • 5th, 6th or 7th: students of Pedagogy, Management of Gastronomic Businesses Engineering.
  • 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th: students of Administration Sciences and Law



We offer several housing options. Send an email to for more information.

City Life

Aguascalientes in the heart of Mexico  


Aguascalientes is one of the most dynamic cities in the country, and offers the best quality of life. It has been voted best city for relaxing, working and studying, thanks to its infrastructure and low cost of living.


The city of Aguascalientes is an important commercial and industrial hub, and its development is constant. It is well-known for its relaxed, provincial atmosphere. In spite of its location in the second smallest state in the country, Aguascalientes is privileged to be the seat of a number of high-tech companies.


How to get to Aguascalientes


Getting to the capital of the state of Aguascalientes is not difficult. Federal Highway 45 connects the city to the north with Zacatecas and Chihuahua, and to the south with the states of Jalisco, Querétaro and the Federal District. Federal Highway 70 leads to San Luis Potosí and farther east to Tamaulipas.  Aguascalientes has an international airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Lic. Jesús Terán Peredo, and receives domestic and international flights. Traveling by bus is also easy. The bus station is centrally located for easy access.




In general, the climate in the state of Aguascalientes is semi-arid, with a mean annual temperature of 17.4 °. The rainy season is the summer, with little rainfall the rest of the year.


Visiting Aguascalientes


From springs to charming villages and ancient farms, there is much to admire in Aguascalientes. Further exploration of the state usually includes visits to the mineral springs. The best are Ojo Caliente, a large recreational park located on the outskirts of the city, Valladolid and spa, 20 miles north, in the town of Jesus Maria. In the countryside surrounding the capital old haciendas and colonial buildings, spas and stunning Sierra Cold settle also beautiful. If you like sports, you can learn rock climbing, rappelling, fishing, mountain biking and camping in rural areas of the state.

The beautiful scenery of Aguascalientes includes El Sabinal, Cerro de Muerto, Huijolotes Canyon, Potrerillo Tunnel, the Sierra del Laurel and the mountainous region of the Sierra Fria. At these sites you will find tour operators who will offer guided tours.

In the town of Asientos, you can visit the monastery and of Our Lord of Tepozán and the Shrine of Guadalupe. Calvillo has a spectacular view of the fields of fruits, where you can take a break and enjoy delicious guava paste. The ex-hacienda Los Cuartos is known for its natural wonders. In Pabellón de Arteaga visit ex-hacienda San Luis de las Letras and enjoy a glass of delicious local wine . Rincon de Romos runs the Museum of Insurgency with an interesting exhibition on Mexican history. San José de Gracia was founded in 1675 at a place called Martha , in honor of its owner. However, its origin dates back to AD 1100 with the arrival of Chichimecas, who settled there.

The main attraction of the town is the Sanctuary of the Broken Christ. This 28- meter-high steel sculpture is covered with bronze works by local sculptor Miguel Romo Santini, who inspired the poem "My Broken Christ" by Father Ramón Cue Romano. Around it are 24 works- representations of Christ- from around the state.


Public transportation: bus routes


  • Route 34

Fracc. Villas de Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción - Blvd. Siglo XXI - Av. Constitución - CostCo - C.C. Agropecuario - Clínica 10 IMSS - Av. Petroleos Mexicanos - Jose Ma. Arteaga - Centro - H. Hidalgo - Clínica 1 IMSS - C. Camionera - Central de Abastos - U. Panamericana - Santa Mónica - Mahatma Gandhi

  • Route 32

Fracc. Constitución - Av. Constitución - C.C. Agropecuario - Av. Héroe de Nacozari - Alvaro Obregón - Centro - El Encino - Clínica 1 IMSS - Teatro Aguascalientes - Parque Rodolfo Landeros - Plaza Vestir - U. Panamericana - Nissan - Ejido Los Arellano - Fracc. Cotorinas


  • Route 9

Fracc. Palomino Dena - Blvd. Guadalupano - Nazario O. Garza - Clínica 10 IMSS - Petroleos Mexicanos - Morelos - Centro - Clínica 1 IMSS - C. Camionera - DIF - AV. de los Maestros - CRENA - Paseo de la Asunción - Potreros del Oeste - Mahatma Gandhi - Central de Abastos - Santa Mónica

  • Route 11

Jesús María - UAA - Av. Independencia - Av. Zaragoza - José Ma. Arteaga - Centro - H. Hidalgo - Clínica 1 IMSS - C. Camionera - Auditorio Morelos - Av. de los Maestros - Paseos de la Asunción - Potreros del Oeste - Mahatma Gandhi - Central de Abastos - Santa Mónica

For more information, go to :



Emergency phone numbers


Av. Tecnológico y 2º. Anillo s/n. Carretera, salida a San Luis Potosí 


Dr. Enrique González Medina s/n Fracc. el Dorado 


Gámez Orozco esq. Libertad Col. San Pablo 



FEDERAL POLICE                                                                                                    (449) 970-03-25, 970-38-01, 970-0928, 970-06-61


STATEWIDE EMERGENCY NUMBER                                                                            066

Cost of living

Is life in Aguascalientes expensive?

These calculations are based on information provided by current out-of-state students:



  • Housing MXN $2,500 USD$200
  • Food MXN$1,500 USD$120
  • Transportation MXN$500 USD$40
  • TOTAL MXN$4,500 USD$360



  • Housing MXN $15,000 USD$1,200
  • Food MXN$9,000 USD$720
  • Transportation MXN$3,000 USD$240
  • TOTAL MXN$27,000 USD$2,160



  • Housing MXN $30,000 USD$2,400
  • Food MXN$18,000 USD$1,440
  • Transportation MXN$6,000 USD$480
  • TOTAL MXN$54,000 USD$4,320



  • Entertainment and Leisure MXN$800 USD$64



  • Entertainment and Leisure MXN$4,800 USD$384



  • Entertainment and Leisure MXN$9,600 USD$768


Note: *The budget in USD is subject to fluctuations in exchange rate.

** Costs of housing, food, and others will depende on students tastes and habits.