Universidad Panamericana has agreements with over 90 universities in 28 countries. Our students can carry out academic stays by semesters or during the summer term. To carry out an academic stay with one of the agreement universities, students must have finished their fourth semester of studies and have accredited the foreign language they need, according to the country and the university they will be going to. Our students pay the cost of the semester at UP, and carry out their studies in the university of their choice. Some of the agreement universities offer support to visiting students, making the cost of the residence even lower. 


Likewise, at UP we receive exchange students from a variety of countries, such as Germany, Australia, China and South Korea. Experiencing a study exchange and having contact with people from other countries enriches the formation of our students.




UP offers it students the opportunity for an exchange programs among the other campi. This allows students and professors to really get to know the University, as well as their own field of studies. To participate in an intercampus exchange, ask your School Coordinator for the requirements.  

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