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Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world. Conquering it is one of the first steps in reaching world-wide competitiveness.

UP wants to give you personal attention, so we have a person who will help you find the best housing for you.

UP is located in a former 18th Century hacienda- listed as a national heritage site. It is located in the south of the city and connected to all the major roads in the city.


Latin American University Residence (RUL)

RUL is a women’s only institution which offers a comfortable home for students from outside of the city.


Pan-American University Residence (RUP)

RUP is a men’s only residence which offers a comfortable and homey environment during their studies.



Our homestay service is for university students looking for a home-like environment while they live in Mexico City. The service includes finding you a place with a vetted family.

Contact: Norma Ávila


Vivir en la ciudad

Even if you know the city well, you may have some questions about transportation, the cost of living, things to do, etc. Here are the links to the official government web pages where you can find the most current information:


Cost of living

Is living in Mexico City expensive?We've made calculations based on what our current students tell us about the cost of life near the Mixcoac campus.



  • Housing MXN $5,000 USD 385
  • Food  MXN $3,000 / USD 230
  • Transportation MXN $300 / USD 23

Total: MXN $8,300 / USD 638


Semester (4 months of classes)

  • Housing MXN $20,000 / USD 1,538
  • Food MXN $12,000 / USD 924
  • Transportation MXN $1,200 / USD  93

Total: MXN $33,200 / USD 2,555



  • Entertainment and Leisure MXN $1000 / USD 77


  • Semester
  • Entertainment and Leisure MXN$ 6,000 / USD 461


Note: *The budget in  USD is subject to a variable exchange rate. **Costs of housing, food, and others will depend on students habits and interests.


How can I apply to UP?

Have a GPA of 8.0/10, fill out the application form, pay the exam fee, submit the required documents and come to an interview.

If you have other questions, get in touch with the person in charge of your state   [esto que sea una liga]  and we will help you with any concerns you have.


How can I know more about my chosen field of studies?

UP offers talks with representatives of the Schools through the Department of Public Relations. You can also arrange to audit a class.

Is my high school GPA important?

For most Schools, we recommend you have a GPA higher than 8.0, so you can keep up with the academic demands of the University. In Medicine, a GPA of 8.0 is indispensable.


What extracurricular activities are offered?

La UP cuenta con equipo de fútbol, volleyball, basketball, y boliche. Si a ti te gustan las actividades culturales, también existe la posibilidad de que participes en su compañía de teatro y en coro. Actividades DeportivasActividades Culturales


What do I need to obtain my degree?                                  

You need to obtain a certain level on an English proficiency exam (the level depends on your school), you need to comply with obligatory community service hours, and with cultural credits.


What options do I have for obtaining my degree?                           

To get your professional degree, you have the following options:                         

         1.- CENEVAL exam                        


         3.-Specialist course*                                  

*Ask at your school what kind of courses they offer                              



What languages can I study at UP?

UP Language Center offers English, French, Italian, and German, among others. The cost for a semester is  $6,250.


What kind of public transportation can I take to UP?

UP is located in an easy-to-reach section of Mexico City, within walking distance of either the metro or the Metrobus. (Click here for a map)


How long will it take me to cover the credits needed for graduation?

Our programs are designed to take between 3.5 a 4 years of study.


Can I work while I study?

Yes, you can organize your schedule in such a way that you have time to work.

Can UP help me find a job?

Yes, every year UP organizes a job fair, with prestigious companies recruiting students. We also have a specialized job board you can consult when you need it.