Undergraduate admissions México
Admissions procedure

Requirements for the exam

Studying the last grade of high school, or graduated

In the case of Health Sciences, have a GPA of 8.0/10 in General High School studies or Specialist in Chemistry-Biology 

Admissions Test

Select the date and register for the test in the department of Public Relations (Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm, or Saturdays 9am to 1pm).

You can also register online REGISTER FOR THE EXAM

Test Day

The exams are scheduled at these hours:

7:30 am   Mixcoac 

9:00 am   Santa Fe

Health Sciences takes exams Fridays at 9am or Saturdays at 7:30 am.

What to bring on test day

  1. Application form with small photograph  DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM
  2. High School Transcripts

    Proof of payment PAY ONLINE 

    Valid ID

    No. 2 ½ pencil, eraser, calculator

Interview with the Admissions Coordinator

You will be given an appointment for an interview with the admissions committee. The admissions process will be on standby until the interview.


After receiving your acceptance statement, you will have a maximum of 10 days to pay the registration fee. After that, we cannot guarantee a place.

Scholarships and Financing

Let nothing stop you

Universidad Panamericana offers different options for scholarships to eliminate any obstacle on your road to success.

You are important to us; that’s why we offer the following scholarships and financing:



UP  Scholarship Competition


·   UP scholarship

·  Athletic

·  Cultural

·  Special scholarships


UP Scholarship competition

Through CENEVAL test to obtain a partial scholarship.

For dates, contact us :


Jorge Huerta Bleck

Director of Public Relations ext. 5050


GPA of 8.0/10 minimum during the course

Pass CENEVAL test

Personal interview

Valid only for freshmen


UP Scholarship

Granted by each school, based on academic results and economic situation



Application form (given at each School)

Letter of motivation

Fee for socio-economic study, depending on the type of scholarship and the school.

Registration fee

GPA minimum of 8.0/10 during high school and/or in each semester

Submit report card

No failing grades or re-taken courses

Submit the required documents

Comply with other requirements established by your chosen School


Athletic scholarship

If you are good at sports, we can help finance your studies.

An athletic scholarship is granted to students who are outstanding in any of the sports activities offered at the University.




And many activities more


Be enrolled in one of our 21 programs

Try out for one of our teams


Cultural Scholarship

Granted to students who are interested in and show talent for the University theater troupe or choir.


Be enrolled in one of our 21 programs

Have an interview

Be on trial for one semester



Ask your School coordinator about the different options in financing available to you.

Dates for Admissions Tests