Admissions procedure

Post graduate admissions México
Admissions procedure

Description of the procedure

To start the admissions procedure, make an appointment for an interview with the coordinator of the program you are interested in. He or she can check your profile and clear up any questions about the program.

Admissions procedure: Health Sciences

  1. Personal data form
  2. Letter of motivation
  3. Certificate of undergraduate studies
  4. Pay $500.00 for admissions test
  5. Do exams online
  6. Interview with program coordinators
  7. Turn in documents to Student Services Office
  8. Enroll

Admissions procedure: Economic and Administrative Sciences



  1. Make appointment for interview
  2. Attend inteview and ask for application form
  3. Fill out forms and get together the required documents
  4. Turn in registration form and documents to Student Services Office
  5. Take diagnostic test
  6. Pay enrollment fee
  7. Attend sessions

Admissions procedure: Social Sciences

Admissions procedure: Engineering

Admissions procedure: Law

Calendar of starting dates

Health Sciences

Specialist course and Master's in Nursing

February, 2015.

Specialist course and Master's in Bioethics

January 12, 2015

Orientation course: 15 November, 2014 to 9 January, 2015 for candidates without a background in the field.



Specialist in Event Management

17 May 2014 (Saturdays)

24 November 2014 (evenings)


Specialist in Food and Beverage Business Entrepreneurs

17 May 2014 (Saturdays)

24 November 2014 (evenings)


Specialist in Gastronomy

5 September  2014 (mornings)

6 September  2014 (Saturdays)


Ask your program coordinator for the scholarships and financing options that apply to you. 



Health Sciences

Mtra. Inés de Bustos Donate

Telephone: (55) 5482 1724  Ext. 5663


Elizabeth Sanabria Contreras

Telephone: (55) 5482 1700  Ext. 5649




Mtra. Yiretzy M. Galicia Muñoz

Coordinator, Graduate programs ESDAI

Telephone: (55) 5661 0079 Ext. 8175, 8195


Perla Redondo Portilla

Coordinator, Graduate programs ESDAI

Telephone: (55) 5661 0079 Ext. 8169, 8171


Social networks

Facebook: ESDAIPosgrados

Twitter: @esdaiposgrados