Mexico Alumni

Mexico Alumni

To express our gratitude for your trust in Universidad Panamericana, and for having a bachelor´s degree from this university, we provide you with a number of benefits.


The AlumniUP ID still opens you the doors of the University in order for you to identify yourself as a member of the UPCommunity and have access to the library, computer center and to other different benefits.



Job Board

This is a web page designed exclusively for students and alumni of Universidad Panamericana. Here you can offer your services directly to different employers, search for employment opportunities, or receive notifications according to your profile.


Send a mail asking for your password to Include your full name, your field of studies, and your graduation date.


Once you are enrolled to the program, you will have access to employment information. Please let us know immediately if, during your job search, you see or experience any of the following:

  • You are charged for training or recruitment.
  • You are treated in an unprofessional manner.
  • The offices where you are interviewed do not seem to belong to a serious, well-established firm



By-Telephone-Data-Update Campaign

The Universidad Panamericana is interested in being closer to you and offer you better services through the Alumni department. Therefore, we have designed a campaign for you to update your data by phone.

Soon you'll get a call by qualified personnel to verify or update the data in our data base. The information you provide will have an exclusive and confidential use for the University, we invite you to read our Privacy Notice.

Help us spread the word with the rest of your generation and keep in touch.

Live the most of your University, ViveUP forever.


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General Alumni Department 

Extensión 6443

Business Management

María Isabel Suárez Álvarez

Extensión 5717


Gabriela Ambás SosaExtensión


Alejandra Cruz Montes de Oca

School of Economic and Business Sciences   

Claudia Nativitas Márquez

Extensión 6721



Evangelina Ferreira Ramos

Extensión 5662  

Hospitality Management

Frances Jammal Dobles

Extensión 8179



Salvador Escalante Díaz Barreiro

Extensión 5302   


Mariana Villanueva Walbey

Extensión 5218


Alma Dalia Ortiz Román

Extensión 5669



María José Estrada Martínez

Extensión 5378

Online university   

Losaid Fernández Jaimes

Extensión 6463

Economy and Government
Marion González Gómez
Extensión 5859

Ana Lourdes González Barajas
Extensión 6408