How to get your ID

Alumni México Campus
How to get your ID

The AlumniUP ID still opens you the doors of the University in order for you to identify yourself as a member of the UPCommunity and have access to the library, computer center and to other different benefits.


To process your AlumniUP ID we expect you at Universidad Panamericana campus Mixcoac, at Augusto Rodin 460.  For this procedure we have the following options:  

First option

You can go to the Alumni Office to request your ID, they will verify that your personal data is correct and up to date, then go to the window cash number 2 and pay $200.00 for the concept of AlumniUP ID.

Return to the Alumni Office with your receipt so they can tell you where to get the photo taken.  



Second option

You can send us a small size photo showing no further than your shoulders and in .jpg format to the email

The photo must be recent, head on and with white or gray background.

We ask that you update your data by visiting our web page.