Language Center

Language Center

The Language Center at Universidad Panamericana was founded in 1994, and currently attends around 1,800 students of Spanish, French, German and Italian.


We offer regular courses during the spring and fall terms every year, and intensive six-week course (64 hours) for individuals or groups, according to their specific needs. All courses are four-skills based: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, for communication.




English classes: 64 hours in 16 weeks

(two-hour sessions, twice a week)


  • Basic I
  • Basic II
  • Intermediate I
  • Intermediate II
  • Advanced I
  • Advanced II
  • Intensive summer courses
  • Conversation
  • Teachers' Course (227 Hrs.)
  • TOEFL Preparation for PBT and IBT. We are a certified center for both exams: 
  • Center No. S227, and IBT Center STN10283 A Y B.
  • Personalized Business English course for executives





Any other that the university community requires (3 students minimum per group).



French: basic, intermediate and advanced

German: basic, intermediate and advanced

Italian: basic, intermediate and advanced

  • Taller de Literatura Española y Latinoamericana
  • Redacción
  • Oratoria



If you have questions, drop by our offices: Valencia 101 ( “Italian Coffee” exit). Tel. 5482.1600 Ext. 5924 and 5931

Twitter: @LinguaUP