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Master of Public Law

Our Master in Public Law consists of two compulsory modules or seminars, and seven optional modules or specialisations, from which the candidate has the possibility of choosing two of them, according to their interests or specialisation needs, in order to qualify for the degree.


Its modular structure allows students to choose the route and the annual timetable that best suits their possibilities. In any of the options, the weekly workload and the schedules in which it is distributed, allows our students to continue with the practice of their profession, since our curricular design corresponds to that of a professionalizing Master's Degree, which needs that synergy in the classroom, product of the experience that students and teachers share in the sessions.


The programme aims to train, within the highest academic standards and giving priority to the centrality of the individual, specialists who will be true references either in the independent practice of the profession or in the exercise of public administrative, jurisdictional or judicial functions.


Personalised education and academic excellence are two of our main hallmarks, and to achieve them we need a qualified teaching staff made up of experts in Public Law, distinguished by the presence of Court Ministers, Magistrates, judges and partners of important law firms, who in addition to their invaluable teaching work, contribute with us in the permanent updating of our syllabus.

Master in Public Law
  1. Guadalajara


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Applicants for this degree are legal professionals who see Public Law as the ideal field in which to develop their talents and knowledge in the service of society.


Skills and competences:


  • Analytical and critical thinking.
  • Strategic thinking for planning and dispute resolution.
  • Innate vocation for service and the pursuit of truth, justice, equity and the common good.
  • Conviction to make honesty and loyalty the guiding principles of their professional actions.
  • Analytical and synthesis skills for the consultation, interpretation and handling of norms, international treaties and jurisprudence.
  • Speaking and argumentative skills.
  • Negotiation skills
  • A taste for field work.
  • A taste for reading and research.


Our graduates end up as recognised civil servants, consultants or litigators, highly qualified and committed to society and, in the latter case, to their clients and the defence of their interests.


Capacities and skills developed in the programme:


  • Knowledge of the principles and characteristics of public law and its evolution.
  • Ability to understand and interpret the existing legal system.
  • Solvency to work in the public service or on behalf of private individuals.
  • Knowledge and handling of the legal instruments necessary for the defence of their clients and the proceedings in which they are to be applied.
  • Active participation in academic forums.
  • Legal research skills and techniques.
  • To place the human and ethical training acquired at the service of society.

"The Master's in Public Law at Up Guadalajara allows you to update, interact and open up a broader legal horizon. They are definitely the best academic option for the lawyer who is always looking to be at the forefront because the profiles of the professors who teach are of the highest level in the country.

Alberto Guevara Ramos, Class of 2010, Campus GDL.

"In addition to the acquisition of basic knowledge of the law, what is important in the courses is that, in addition to qualified teachers, there is also a selection of members who will participate as students in the courses. This is so, because in all the courses what enriches learning is the interaction between the teacher and the students, and among the students themselves, because when there is a good level of debate, the results are undoubtedly extraordinary and enriching for the students".

Alfredo Mata Morales, Generation 2003, Campus GDL.

"I can share with absolute sincerity that I consider this Master's Degree to be of high value in the academic area and of solid training, with a vision of human values of a universal nature. The Master's degree has contributed over the years to enriching my professional knowledge.

Eduardo Sánchez Acosta, Class of 2003, Campus GDL.

"I studied the Master in Public Law. From my point of view, the programmes are very adequate and good, with a good faculty. it is an excellent experience and a good academic level.

Ramón Ochoa, Generation 2005, Campus GDL.

"The vast majority of their programmes and my opinion is that they are excellent because of their high quality teaching staff. Very enriching added to the great companionship and attention of the coordinators. I am pleased to be my H. University of Degrees".

Yamil Hamden, Generation 2000, Campus GDL.

"For those of us who are looking for an academic offer that will be useful to be a better professional and to be able to apply what we learn in our daily lives, the best option is to study the Master's in Law at the Universidad Panamericana".

Carlos Arias, Generation 2007, Campus GDL.