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Master in Comptrollership

The Master in Comptrollership was created with the aim of training professionals with managerial skills and financial and fiscal knowledge.


This is so that they can carry out fiscal strategies and make financing and investment decisions in order to maximise the value of the company by achieving the proposed objectives.


With our programme you will develop:


  • Critical and dynamic thinking: by detecting areas of opportunity and proposing solutions that have a positive impact on organisations and the social environment.
  • Competitive advantage: gain value-added knowledge of key concepts, tools and methodologies for the organisation of projects with continuous improvement.
  • Leadership: you will develop integration, teamwork and goal achievement skills.
  • Networking: during your course you will establish connections with business professionals with similar interests.
  • Flexibility in the academic model: you will be able to combine more than one master's programme.
Master's in Comptroller's Office
  1. Aguascalientes


20192350, dated 12 November 2018.


An applicant to the Master's degree in Comptrollership should be:


Bachelor's degree or engineering degree in areas related to:

  • Corporate governance
  • Accounting
  • Economy
  • Law


Interested in gaining technical knowledge in corporate finance, taxation and business management, based on a deep analysis and interest in economic-financial phenomena.


Upon graduating from the Master's Degree in Controllership you are able to identify opportunities, make decisions, undertake, take risks and make commitments. As a graduate of the Master in Comptrollership you will be able to:


  • Attending to financial and fiscal matters of companies or organisations.
  • Detect opportunities and threats in the financial and fiscal fields.
  • Implement investment and financing strategies.