Universidad Panamericana | Faculty of Engineering Academic Offering Postgraduate Specialisation in Environmental Engineering and Management

Specialist Course in Engineering and Environmental Management

The Specialisation in Environmental Engineering and Management aims to integrate knowledge that enables the correct diagnosis, design and implementation of environmental management systems, based on government regulations and social responsibility policies.


By taking this specialisation, you will be able to carry out audits to identify potential environmental liabilities in organisations, both to improve production processes and to propose better business operations based on environmental practices.


The systemic vision of this programme will allow you to design directives, guidelines and policies within companies to achieve economic development with a rational use of resources, protection and conservation of the environment. In addition, our comprehensive training will allow you to develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills based on ethical values and a high commitment to the environment. This programme has a modular system of optional subjects that will allow you to tailor it to your needs.

Specialisation in Environmental Engineering and Management
  1. Mexico City


This programme is aimed at graduates of bachelor's degrees in:

  • Engineering.
  • Architecture.
  • Industrial Design.
  • Economic-administrative areas.
  • Physics-Mathematics.
  • Related areas.


With interests in:

  • Implement actions that contribute to the solution of the environmental crisis.
  • To create companies that make rational use of resources, protect and conserve the environment.
  • Develop management and leadership skills.


As a specialist in Engineering and Project Management you will be able to:


  • Diagnose, design and implement environmental management systems based on social responsibility standards and policies.
  • Conduct audits to identify potential environmental liabilities to guide organisations' improvement processes.
  • Identify business opportunities based on environmental practices.
  • Select appropriate technologies for the control and mitigation of polluting sources.
  • Lead work teams with a clear ethical orientation in all your actions.
  1. New York Institute of Technology, USA.
  2. Universidad Austral, Chile.
  3. University of Southern Denmark, Denmark.
  4. FH Schmalkalden, Germany.
  5. University of Tasmania, Australia.
  6. Macquarie University, Australia.
  7. University of Burgos, Spain.
  8. University of Nebrija, Spain.
  9. University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  10. University of Nottingham, UK.
  11. Soochow University, China.

"Studying the Specialisation in Environmental Engineering and Management at UP allowed me to reinforce my previous knowledge, acquire new tools and enrich my human values. All thanks to the high quality and standards of the university. In addition, it developed in me the skills helping me in my professional growth."

Eduardo Velazco, class of 2020, CDMX campus.