Gastronomic Business Management

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Gastronomic Business Management

The School of Gastronomic Business Management offers a cutting-edge educational program, preparing students in the professional and ethical aspects which provide skills for leadership and successful development. Students learn culinary techniques for the most important world cuisines, and to apply technological, scientific, administrative and organization skills.


Students carry out research projects to create new gastronomic products and techniques, with a solid and sustainable theoretical, methodological, and professional basis. They will become professionals capable of managing their own business and of offering efficient service in industries such as catering, hotels, and restaurants. They will also be prepared to enter other areas of opportunity, where they can take on positions of responsibility in tourism firms, either in administration or in operations.


Students prepare to work as chefs in any kind of kitchen, including industrial. They will learn technological trends in the process of food preparation, as well as the ingredients and additives used in these, in order to offer their clients an innovative and quality product. They will master the processes and chemical reactions which occur when foods are manipulated in a laboratory or kitchen. This physical-chemical knowledge will allow them to improve and promote new foods.


Oferta Educativa


La Universidad Abierta de la UP está comprometida con el alumno para ofrecer un alto nivel académico en cada una de sus materias, por ello contamos con un amplio claustro de profesores altamente preparados y con experiencia en la academia y la empresa. Conócelos…


The purpose of a university is not only to teach and spread knowledge, but to generate it as well.


At UP, we place special emphasis on research work, with the aim of promoting social progress from science and humanities, but with a strict ethical sense. Our researchers are committed to serving society, firstly, by flawlessly performing their task of teaching, and secondly, by being the creative and innovative minds which drive social progress from within the university.



Con el fin de apoyar la enseñanza y fortalecer la investigación, la Universidad Panamericana promueve dentro de su Claustro de Profesores la publicación de textos de divulgación, editoriales y ponencias dirigidas a todos los integrantes de su comunidad universitaria y extendiéndose a toda la sociedad. 


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Logros y reconocimientos

  • Participation in the Madrid Fusión conference, version Mexico 2012, where students offered brunch to participating chefs.
  • Guest lecture by Claudio Celentano, expert in Italian cuisine.
  • Conference Culinary Trends 2012, with the participation of two renowned chefs: Mónica Solís, specialist in Mexican cuisine, and Octavio Figueroa, who demonstrated trends in Molecular cuisine.
  • Culinary exhibit, organized by the students in 2012.
  • State Goat Cheese Competition, 2012, where the won the first places.
  • State Rabbit Meat Competition, 2012
  • Guest lecture by Chef Frederick Labrouche, expert in French cuisine.
  • MAKEA, culinary show organized by students as part of the Christmas celebrations of 2012.
  • Conference Culinary Trends 2013, with the participation of Fernando del Moral, Director General of IMC;  Jorge Narváez Narváez, Secretary of Rural and Agroindustrial Development, and of Claudio Innés, Master Wine Sommelier.

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