Faculties, Colleges, and Schools

Faculties, Colleges, and Schools

The Faculty of Law UP is distinguished by its social commitment to forming the best lawyers, not only in legal techniques, but in their deep sense of professional ethics. They are lawyers who not only opt for legal justice, but who promote true justice as the only path to social progress.

The School of Economic and Administrative Sciences UP seeks to develop integral and competent professionals, capable of creating and managing business for the benefit of society through respect and promotion of values.


At Universidad Panamericana, we firmly believe in the integral formation of our students. We are convince that our humanistic approach, expressed in the curriculum and in extracurricular activities, helps us deepen our knowledge of the human being as an individual, and his impact on society.

The College of Engineering UP seeks to prepare engineers who can make a positive impact on society and on organizations, through the successful practice of their professions.

The School of Gastronomic Business Management offers a cutting-edge educational program, preparing students in the professional and ethical aspects which provide skills for leadership and successful development.