At Universidad Panamericana, we firmly believe in the integral formation of our students. We are convince that our humanistic approach, expressed in the curriculum and in extracurricular activities, helps us deepen our knowledge of the human being as an individual, and his impact on society.


The School of Pedagogy forms its students according to our mission of educating persons who, through study, dialogue, and reflection, seek the truth and commit to it. We promote in our students a Christian humanism which allows them to build a more just world, through the wealth of knowledge and understanding between individuals.


Mission: To form social leaders with a business perspective who can attest to the truth and who are capable of influencing society.


Vision: To be the top School of Humanities in the country.


In order for UP to carry out its formational project, the faculty must freely accept a commitment to seek the aims of the university, and to participate in its educational work.


The recruitment and formation of our teaching staff is fundamental in accomplishing our mission and guaranteeing academic quality. A careful recruiment process ensures that our candidates have the necessary competencies and university vocation, and that they can continue to develop these in the future. 



The purpose of a university is not only to teach and spread knowledge, but to generate it as well.


At UP, we place special emphasis on research work, with the aim of promoting social progress from science and humanities, but with a strict ethical sense. Our researchers are committed to serving society, firstly, by flawlessly performing their task of teaching, and secondly, by being the creative and innovative minds which drive social progress from within the university.



With the aim of supporting teaching and strengthening research, Universidad Panamericana promotes among its faculty, the publication of scholarly articles, opinion pieces, and lectures directed to all members of the University community and society in general.



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Mtro. Nicolás Esparza Lara 



Lic. María Elvira Coronel Rugarcia

Student Affairs


Dra. Yuriko Teresa Benítez Ríos

Research Secretary


Dr. Javier Fernandez De Castro

Academic Secretary


Lic. María José Olmos López

Head of Pedagogy Department


Lic.Mariana Herrera Salas

Administrative Secretary


Mtro. Pablo Galindo Cruz

Research Professor


Mtro. Einar Palomino Pérezchica

Research Professor


Mtro. Guillermo Ramos Kuri

Research Professor


Mrs. Norma López Fuentes 


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Mrs. Miriam Carreón


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