Faculties, Colleges, and Schools

Faculties, Colleges, and Schools

Hospitality as a lifestyle

Pioneer in developing managers for the hospitality industry through a unique program in Mexico which combines practical skills with administrative, scientific and human foundations.

The media, information and entertainment influence the world. A professional in Communications has a deep knowledge of reality. He/She knows how to communicate in a creative and attractive way, thanks to knowledge and mastery of languages and technologies.


The Faculty of Law at Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara Campus  delivered its first course on September 2, 1986.  During the past 27 years we have consolidated a strong teaching staff, with close and permanent links to legal and social spheres and an impact at the local, domestic, and interna

The mission of the School of Economic and Administrative Sciences is to prepare business and social leaders who can give testimony to the truth and contribute to the progress of humankind.



En Ingenierías UP tenemos la misión de formar “Formar ingenieros de acuerdo al ideario de la Universidad Panamericana, basado en el rigor científico y técnico que transmiten los profesores, como resultado de la investigación que realizan”.

The School of Pedagogy at Universidad Panamericana has a clear humanist-business orientation. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs of high profile and a broad scope.