Social Sciences

Academic excellence ensures the acquisition of the knowledge, competencies, and skills needed to enter the work force. It also ensures an appropriate balance among humanistic subjects, scientific subjects, and professional practice.



Our faculty is made up of active professionals with a profound knowledge of their subjects. We also count among our teaching staff professionals dedicated to research in their fields of specialization.


“The University must contribute", said  St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei and inspiration for Universidad Panamericana— from a position of prime importance, to human progress". We are convinced that this contribution can only be possible thanks to the generous and dedicated research work of our faculty.


At Universidad Panamericana our professors and researchers generate topics of interest to society. You can consult in this section their books, reviews, articles, and other publications.

Logros y reconocimientos


Second place in the First International Symposium on Global Communication at Universidad de La Sabana, Colombia. Our students participated with the talk "Youtube as a new channel of communication and social online interaction during the electoral campaign in Mexico, 2012".

Five seminars organized by the School of Communications with national and international speakers in 2012.

Faculty participation in the conference organized by the International Communication Association, held in Tucson, Arizona.

Six books published by members of the faculty of the School of Communications in 2012.

  • Two talks at the conference on “Religion And Civil Society, The Changing Faces of Religion and Secularity” organized by the Culture and Society of University of Navarra at School of Law Harvard University.
  • Certified by the Interinstitutional Committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education (CIEES).

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Dr. José Luis Ortiz Garza

Director de la Escuela de Comunicación

5482 1600 Ext. 6192


Dr. Mariano Navarro Arroyo

Secretario Académico Licenciatura

5482 1600 ext. 6137


Dra. María Teresa Nicolás Gavilán

Secretaria Académica de Posgrados

5482 1600 Ext. 6190


Dr. Íñigo Fernández Fernández

Bolsa de Trabajo y Jefe de Área

5482 1600 ext. 6136


Dr. José Luis López Aguirre

Jefe de Área Comunicación oral y escrita

5482 1600 ext. 6153


Lic. Óscar Colorado Nates


Jefe de Área Audiovisual / Servicio Social / Inglés

5482 1600 Ext. 6144


Dra. Alma Delia Zamorano Rojas

Jefe de Área y Acreditaciones

5482 1600 Ext. 6140


Dr. Francisco Gómez Antón


5482 1600 Ext. 6133


Lic. Gilberto Bañuelos Treviño

Coordinador de Asuntos Estudiantiles

5482 1600 Ext. 1760


Mtra. Claudia Romero Delgado

Coordinadora Académica

5482 1600 Ext. 6133


Mtra. Maricarmen Camacho Gómez

Asesoría Académica

5482 1600 Ext. 6134


Lic. Lourdes Padilla Luengas

Asesoría Académica

5482 1600 Ext.6135


Mtra. Daniela Sánchez Muñiz Espinosa

Promoción y Admisión

5482 1600 Ext.6158


Mtra. Mariana García Bermúdez

Promoción y Admisión 

5482 1600 Ext. 6194 


Lic. Aldo Massa Gómez


5482 1600 Ext.6138


Lic. Cecilia González Michalak


5482 1600 Ext.1752


Lic. Marcos Gálvez Becerra


5482 1600 Ext. 6127


Lic. Marcela Méndez Martínez


5482 1600 Ext. 6139