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Welcome to the Faculty of Health Sciences at Universidad Panamericana


In 1996 the schools of Medicine and Nursing were opened with the aim of forming health professionals who were highly prepared to respond to the needs of our country. The main focus of both schools i son specialization in the fields of research and social work. Both of these are indispensable in promoting a true change.

Since then, we have shown that the aim has been accomplished, evidenced by the professional, human, and ethical quality of our alumni, as well as by their scientific productivity and by the number of people who have benefited from our health programs in the states of Mexico, Guerrero, and the Federal District.


In July of 2012, the School of Psychology opened to complement the objective of impacting the health of our population. This school focuses on neurosciences, and shares its mission with the schools of Nursing and Medicine: to form health professionals distinguished by their knowledge and skills, directed to specialization and research, with human quality and a profound sense of ethics and social responsibility.


Last January the three schools were elevated to the category of Faculty of Health Sciences. This will allow them to reinforce their common goals and interdisciplinary work to the benefit of patients.


In response to the growing need to reflect upon techniques related to life, the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics (CIBUP) was created. The Center is made up of professors from the School of Philosophy, the Faculty of Law, and the School of Medicine at Universidad Panamericana; they are all experts in the field of Bioethics. CIBUP took on a formal structure in 2010 and is based on multidisciplinary work, an absolute must in addressing current issues in bioethics. 2011 saw the opening of both a Specialist course and a Master’s program in Bioethics, both with excellent results. The first cohort graduated in December, 2012.



To form health professionals distinguished by their knowledge and skills, directed to specialization and research, with human quality and a profound sense of ethics and social responsibility.



To be a referent in the formation of health professionals, with the highest scientific, professional, human, and ethical level. To generate knowledge through research, contributing in this way to an efficient improvement in the quality of health systems and patient attention in all social levels.


LETTER FROM DR. OBRADOR, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences





Admissions and Promotion

School of Medicine Universidad Panamericana

Dr. Alexandra Hütt

Tel: (5255) 5482-1600 and (5255) 5482-1700 ext. 5655 and 5669

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The old house on Donatello Street has been the site of the School of Medicine since it opened its doors in July, 1996.


The School of Medicine at UP can be characterized by its solid academic and humanistic bases, characteristics shared with other schools and faculties at UP.

PsychologyUP is the pathway to your personal and professional fulfillment. We offer distinguished faculty members renowned for their professional practice, teaching, and research. We offer an innovative program which gives our students competitive added value in the field.


NursingUP is the pathway to your personal and professional formation. It offers you the tools to stand out in the competitive field of nursing.



The Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics at Universidad Panamericana is devoted to fostering and developing academic, research and communication activities within the field of Biothetics.





La generación de nuevos conocimientos médicos mediante programas de investigación básica, clínica y epidemiológica es fundamental. Por ello la Escuela de Medicina cuenta con un alto porcentaje de profesores-investigadores y ofrece a sus estudiantes, desde su ingreso a la carrera una materia optativa semestral de investigación.


Servicio social y labor social


Servicios Escolares

La Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud atiende a sus estudiantes en todos los temas no directamente relacionados a los programas académicos a través de la Subdirección de estudiantes. Entre los servicios que se ofrecen, se encuentran la coordinación de inglés, de becas y becarios, de inmunizaciones, de asesoría universitaria y de actividades deportivas y culturales. 


Créditos y becas

Educación Médica Continua


Objetivo: optimizar el repaso previo al examen, mejorando las habilidades para resolver exámenes de opción múltiple mediante un método especial que consiste en la revisión de temas basados en preguntas, exámenes de repaso y sesiones teóricas impartidas por los profesores de la Escuela de Medicina de la Universidad Panamericana.