Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

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Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics

The Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics at Universidad Panamericana is devoted to fostering and developing academic, research and communication activities within the field of Biothetics. These are carried out from a humanistic and scientific perspective, according to the mission of the University.


Universidad Panamericana has three principles which guide its actions: personal attention, academic excellence, and a vocation toward service. The Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics at Universidad Panamericana (CIBUP) includes professores of Medicine, Law, and Philosophy at  Universidad Panamericana who are constantly seeking to contribute tothe field with their experience and knowledge, and to provide guidelines in bioethics to the university community.

Currently, CIBUP carries out academic activities in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Psychology. At the same time, it carries out research project in topics related to the beginning of life, abortion, terminal illnesses, transplants, and ethics committees in research, among others. CIBUP actions are taken in accordance with the University mission, oriented toward the promotion of a universal sense of man and culture, through authentic human values applied to Bioethics.


CIBUP is oriented toward the formation of professionals with academic excellence, firm and clear ethics, grounded in an authentic humanism, with respect for human dignity and the fundamental human rights, especially in regards to health. Its aim is to influence all areas of society where great bioethical dilemmas are present.

Fundamental axes

  • To provide academic formation in bioethics to physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other professionals, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also provides support in Bioethics to activities related to Bio-Medical research. The faculty is made up of teacher-researchers specialized in Bioethics, with doctoral or master's degrees in the field, and with research projects in different areas of Bioethics.
  • To foster research and guarantee its ethical nature. This is carried out through the Committee on Ethics in Research, which evaluates, approves, and follows up on research projects in different universities, as well as pharmaceutical and food companies. It also provides consulting in the field of Bioethics to companies, professional groups, or individuals interested in the topic.
  • To provide formation at the graduate level, through a diploma course and a Master's program in Bioethics. We agreements with Universidad de Navarra, in Spain,and with Colegio de Bioética in Nuevo León. México. We foster exchanges with domestic and international insitutions, such as  Universidad de Navarra, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia.
  • To contribute to communication about bioethical topics through conferences, book presentations, and research articles on diverse topics in Bioethics. To organize conferences and activities for students, physicians, and professionals interested in Bioethics.