Office of Institutional Communications

The function of communication, compared to other disciplines, is relatively young. Its contribution to institutions, however, is increasingly recognized and valued. This is due to its focus on taking care of the reputation, image, and instituional identity, in a world where society continuously analyzes institutions and their actions searching for trustworthiness and credibility.


The Office of Institutional Communications at Universidad Panamericana is charged with coordinating the transmission of information within and without the institution about different activities and achievements of the community.


The correct transmission of institutional ideals is a core task for the department of Communications, which seeks to contribute in a clear manner to the fulfillment of institutional objectives. With this mission in mind, the Department of Institutional Communications reaffirms its commitment to Universidad Panamericana in the task of safeguarding the university identity in every sphere, as a pillar of institutional reputation.


Effectively process the most important messages of UP and communicate them to the corresponding audiences.



Be the strategic area of institutional communications which contributes to project with fidelity the identity of UP.



Mtra. Marilú Esponda Sada

Director, Institutional Communications



Mtra. Gabriela Narvaéz Ovando

Head, Press Office