Universidad Panamericana offers you the best way to spend an incredible summer. You will have the opportunity to get to know a new country, practice another language and live within a culture completely different from yours.


Intensive Language Courses: Learn and master the language of your choice while living with students and professors of different nationalities in a foreign country.

Academic summer without revalidation of subjects: Prepare and specialize in the area of ​​your interest by sharing the different perspectives of each country.

Academic summer with revalidation of subjects: In addition to learning from an area of ​​interest, some summer courses offer the possibility of revalidating the content seen abroad for a subject from your program. You will need authorization from your school for this


Summer courses can be offered by partner universities, by non-partner universities and by private agencies specialized in this type of summer courses.


The requirements are simple, for the majority a TOEFL or a minimum average is not required and they vary depending on the university or agency that offers the program.





1.- Identify the summer course of your interest Clik here for updated offer.

2.- Review the subjects they teach in the summer of your interest and take them to your coordinator so that they can see which subjects can be revalidated (one or two subjects maximum). Fill out the format of the Letter of Accreditation of Subjects  with the subjects that will be revalidated. Download format here.

3.- Ask your school for a letter of recommendation to take a summer exchange.

4.-Process your transcript. Request it here. 

5.-Make the payment of the administrative fee for summer exchange at the cashier (building C second floor) for $ 3,000.00 pesos.

6.- Turn in your summer exchange request along with the necessary documents at the office of International Affairs.

7.- You must find out when you will have to pay UP subjects.

8.- You must pay the cost of the summer course to the foreign university or private agency, according to their terms.

9.- You will have to make sure of the necessary visa procedures for your participation in the summer course.

10.- With all this completed, you can buy your plane ticket.

11.- At the end of your course, you can request that your grades be given to you, or that they be sent to UP. With them, your UP coordinator processes your revalidation.





For more information about the summer courses that are offered and the formats to be turned in, please contact the Department of International Affairs.

The deadline to register for a summer course depends on the university or agency that offers it.

Review the validation with your respective school or faculty.









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Coordinadora de Intercambio al Extranjero

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