Study Abroad

Study Abroad

This department offers summer courses at universities or institutions abroad, and helps you make arrangements for admissions to any of these courses. We have four options for you to choose from:


LANGUAGES: Take advantage of the summer breaks, starting from your freshman year, and progress in your studies of English, or prepare for the TOEFL, DELF, or other international exams. Or study another language, such as Italian or German.


ACADEMIC SUMMER: Continue your professional development in an area of interest in your field through the academic courses offered by universities overseas.


ACADEMIC SUMMER WITH REVALIDATION OF STUDIES: Some undergraduate programs accept summer courses in lieu of one or two subjects on the curriculum. Get more information from the international coordinator.


ACADEMIC SUMMER AS DEGREE OPTION: If you study in the School of Economic and Administrative Sciences, and your GPA is 9.0 or above, upon finishing your credits, and complying with all requirements, you can take a pre-authorized summer course as part of your examination of general knowledge. Get more information from the international coordinator.






The Office of International Affairs provides service to incoming students from abroad as well as to UP students who wish to do a semester overseas.


The Office of International Affairs coordinates cooperation agreements between Universidad Panamericana and universities abroad.


Recipt of documents


Exchange applications are received twice a year. Because the process for studying abroad takes about four months, it needs to be done one semester in advance.