Undergraduate admissions Aguascalientes
Gastronomic Business Management

Gastronomic Business Management


Specialists in the food industry and in management of gastronomic businesses.


This is a cutting-edge educational program. It develops in participants professional and  ethical aspects which provide leadership skills for future success. The program covers the most important culinary techniques in the world, apply technological, scientific, administrative and organization knowledge.

Student develop research projects for the creation of new gastronomic products and techniques, with solid and sustainable theoretic, methodological, and professional bases, seeking to impact the food industry.

Primer semestre

  • Food chemistry
  • Nutrition fundamentals
  • Culinary Processes I
  • Bakery I
  • History and culture of food
  • Management of gastronomic businesses
  • History of culture

Segundo semestre

  • Food properties
  • Microbiology and food safety
  • Probability and statistics
  • Culinary Processes II
  • Bakery II
  • Accounting Principles
  • Antropology I

Tercer semestre

  • European Culinary Arts I
  • Food Preservation
  • Quality assurance
  • Viticulture and winemaking
  • Confectionary and chocolate making
  • Market research
  • Food and beverages operations
  • Ethics I

Cuarto semestre

  • Fermentation Technology
  • Bread making Technology
  • Sensory Evolution
  • Mixology
  • Food and Wine pairing
  • European Culinary Arts II
  • Service standards for restaurants
  • Theology I
  • Professional Internship I

Quinto semestre

  • Food processing
  • Food for health
  • Food Sustainability
  • Mexican Culinary Arts
  • Gastronomy Marketing
  • Finance Fundamentals
  • Theology II

Sexto semestre

  • Meat and Fish Technology
  • Dairy Technology
  • Modern Mexican Culinary Arts
  • Asian culinary arts
  • Event planning
  • Investment projects
  • Auditing
  • Social philosoply
  • Anthropology II

Séptimo semestre

  • Professional Internship II

Octavo semestre

  • Architecture and gastronomy
  • Food Design and Innovation
  • Culinary creativity
  • Innovation project management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Directive skills
  • Ethics II

Perfil de ingreso

The main skills that a person must have in order to pursue a career in Gastronomic Business Management are as follows:

Interest in culinary arts

Spirit of service

Taste for teamwork

Interest in scientific research

Be creative and enterprising

Ability to manage relationships between people

Skill in logical mathematical thought

Interest in learning about different cultures

Facility for languages

Perfil de egreso

The professional in Gastronomic Business Management :

Will be able to create new products and culinary techniques.

Will have the ability to run their own business in the hotel and restaurant industry and even in other areas of opportunity.

Can serve as executive chef of any restaurant.

Will learn the technology trends in the food preparation process in order to provide quality and innovative products.

Will learn procedures when handling food and chemical reactions.

Will have the ability to take positions in tourism enterprises and will also have a strong work ethic.

Campo laboral

The professional in Gastronomic Business Managment can develop professionally in:

Food transformation businesses




Independent consultancy

Opciones de titulación

Upon finishing your studies, the School of Gastronomic Business Management offers three different degree options:


  1. Thesis: the student will have an advisor assigned by the school according to the guidelines required by Universidad Panamericana (at least three years uninterrupted teaching experience at the University).  The thesis must comply with the logical and methodological order required by the School of Gastronomic Business Management, certified by the advisor and by a final reviewer. The thesis will be defended before a jury.


  1. Post-graduate credits: at least 45 credits of post-graduate study, in either a complete Specialist course or a partial Master’s program. The program will have to be accredited by the Secretariat of Public Education and authorized by the Student Affairs office of the University. In order to obtain the Bachelor’s diploma, the student will have to obtain a GPA of 8.0/10 minimum during each term of post-graduate study.


  1. Exam of general knowledge