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Computer Graphics and Systems Engineering

Computer Graphics and Systems Engineering


Developing the future through Science, Technology and Computer Graphics.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics and Systems Engineering at the Universidad Panamericana seeks to educate experts capable of designing and developing solutions of high technological value for multiple industries, from the scientific to entertainment through Programming, Computational Vision, Extended Reality, Parallel Computing, Cloud Computing, Data Visualization, and Big Data.


Universidad Panamericana has a Media Lab with experimental technology from Intel and many other companies. In this lab, students and professors create projects and do state of the art research. These proof of concepts are developed for the industry using the most advanced and modern technologies, such as 3D simulators, mobile applications, videogames, and extended reality.


Advantages of studying Computer Graphics and Systems Engineering in the UP

  • We have the most powerful university computer graphics lab in Latin America
  • Our professors work in companies such as Intel, IBM, and ILM xLAB, and they are constantly recruiting students
  • We are focused on the development of technical skills for our students
  • Our students start working before graduating and they have salaries above $20,000.00MXN
  • The program 4 + 1: You can graduate with 2 degrees by studying four years of the career, plus one year of specialty
  • The first program in Latin America that has participated in ACM SIGGRAPH

Primer semestre

  • Differential Calculus

    Without doubt in all enterprise ambits it is of relevance the optimization, with which, comprehend the application of differential calculus implicates this knowledge. Determinate the maximum and minimum of a utility function, is a clear example.                                                                               

  • Algebra

    Identificarás las estructuras algebraicas indispensables para la resolución de casos dentro la ingeniería.

  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms

    it will be introduced to the student the basic concepts of programming to train him in the solution of problems, computer language structure comprehension and instructions, acquiring the knowledge and developing the abilities to understand the programing and apply them to any engineering career.

  • Redaction

    It would be used the correct methodology and the elemental technical resources of redacting. 

  • Physis

    It will be used the basic theoretical elements that give scientific fundament to engineering work, with the purpose to be able to develop physics for videogames and apps.

  • Cultural History

    It will be situated with matureness and objectivity in the context and becoming historic-cultural that constitutes the frame for the exercise of its profession and the generation of its identity.

Segundo semestre

  • Integral Calculus
  • Economic Environment

    It will be known the tools and the theoretical general frame for the analysis and the evaluation of projects that involve economic variables in the national and international environment.

  • Object Oriented Programming

    It will be introduced to the student the oriented object programming to train him in the development of videogames, using the most modern software in the industry.

  • Advanced Programming
  • Electric and Digital Circuits

    It will be analyzed the basic concepts of the electric circuits and the logic design. It will be recognized the physical fundaments behind the basic elements that constitute an electrical circuit: the resistance, the capacitor, and the inductor, and it will identify the fundaments that constitute a logical circuit.

  • Digital Modeling
  • Individual and Society

    Understand the notion of human person as the center of the universe. Understand the importance of personal dignity. Acquire the basic concepts for philosophical analysis and reflection around the human being.

Tercer semestre

  • Linear Algebra

    The student will solve concrete problems of the administrative life, in mathematical and abstract methods.

  • Data Structures

    They´ll apply the structure of data most convenient to solve specific problems and appreciate the main roll that plays the abstraction in the work of programming. 

  • Introduction to Investments and Company Valuation

    It will apply the concept of fundamental valuation, in investment projects and in the context of an enterprise with multiple projects. It will evaluate the best tools for project the flow of cash of an investment project, from feasibility to the presentation of executive reports related with such projects.

  • Project Management

    The objective is that the students are capable of describing the fundamental principles of balance of matter in the systems, that distinguished the different types of balances and that apply the process most adequate to achieve results.

  • Chemistry

    Describe the fundamental principles of mass balance systems that distinguish different types of balances and apply the most appropriate method to achieve results.

  • Ethics

    Understand key concepts in Christian ethics. Analyze and compare different theories of ethics in order to adopt a personal set of moral principles.

  • Web Applications Development

Cuarto semestre

  • Vector Calculus

    It will manage the basic concepts of differential and integral calculus of different variables for the demonstration of some theorems and its application to the theory of vector fields.  It will resolve mechanical applied problems, electromagnetically theories, economy and production. 

  • Computer Mathematics

    It will apply correctly the theory of numbers, counting technics, graphic theory and dynamic programming to computer. It will know the concept of computer complex. 

  • Introduction to Databases

    It will know about the main model of data base and conditions in the design of data base, it will be capable of identify the essential components of a management system of data bases and considering the components of a structured language of consultancy. 

  • Multimedia and Computer Graphics

    It will know and apply elemental notions of Multimedia and Computer graphics, using notions graphics in 2 and 3 dimensions.

  • Operative Systems

    It will examine fundamental themes in the construction of the Operative Systems, comprehending the bases that sustain the modern Operative Systems. It will discover the main components of the modern Operative Systems, besides of its interaction reaffirming the basic concepts of Operative Systems, analyzing the code of an implementation.

  • Plugins Development

    In this course the student will study the language in programming MAXScript and will learn to create mathematical models, applied to the realization of procedural animation.

  • Theological Anthropology I

    It will meditate about themes that has being by the human being since its beginning, think about its revelation and the participation of the human being in the trinity life strengthening its faith and assuming itself like the ferment of this society. 

Quinto semestre

  • Probability and Statistics

    Handle basic concepts of probability, and important techniques in Statistics to solve practical problems related to quality control, engineering methods, electronics engineering, etc.

  • Differential Equations

    Will be able to manage the methods to solve different types of differential equations applying them to the solution of dynamic problems of engineering.

  • Software Engineering

    Will define important requirements for the success on projects of information systems.

  • Digital Image Processing

    In this assignment the student will learn algorithms to manipulate images and the application of different mathematical functions for the detection of objects in an image.

  • Numeric Methods

    Handle tools and methods of numeric calculation to solve engineering and mathematics problems.

  • Videogames Development

    Will learn to develop complex video games in the unity platform, applying advanced techniques of visualization in real time.

  • Theological Anthropology II

    Will understand the human conduct in the light of their relationship with god, with the goal to find which acts truly take the man to their ultimate transcendental goal.

Sexto semestre

  • Conformal Geometrical Algebra

    Will understand the differences between daily geometries, round, projected and conformal. Will have the ability to solve problems related with computer graphics applying the principles of Conformal Geometric Algebra

  • Mobile Graphical Solutions

    Will be able to create apps with graphics made for different mobile technologies. Such solutions will be able to have interconnectivity between the gadgets and databases.

  • Computational Geometry

    Will study the different applications and methods and algorithms of the Geometric Computation

  • Distributed Computing

    Will Distinguish and utilize the main concepts that characterize the distributed systems and will be able to develop a distributed system in a contemporary platform.

  • Alternative Applications Seminar

    In this course is pretended that you will be able to create projects that describe an innovative contribution and to show at the least preliminary results that will demonstrate the effectivity of the proposed solutions and validate the hypothesis made.

  • Augmented Reality

    AT the end of the course the student should had developed their abilities of analyzing and developing apps that will help create highly interactive products that will be able to satisfy their meta market, utilizing the most advanced techniques of Augmented Reality.

  • Social Philosophy

    Will analyze the philosophical problems of the society related to the economical context and the human relationships of our time, understanding the importance of the problematic that the Mexican society faces, with the finality of applying the knowledge in pro of regulating and make a better life in community.

Séptimo semestre

  • Artificial Intelligence in Videogames

    Will understand how the algorithms are based in abstractions of the thinking and acting of the humans in order to build and create Artificial Intelligence, also will learn to design and implement complex algorithms, to apply them in video game projects, such as for entertainment as much as for education and medicine between others.

  • Parallel Programming Fundaments

    Will discover the main differences of the CPU and GPU architectures, and will be able to evaluate the CUDA programming language, managing blocks, strings and grids.

  • Interfaces Design

    Will create apps with technologies of virtual reality, augmented reality and motion capture, with platforms such as the Oculus Rift, Omni Platform and space glasses, to create innovative interfaces human-machine that could help the society in the solution of problems and entertainment with a high immersion.

  • Advanced Computer Graphics

    Will recognize the advanced systems graphing and main algorithms

  • Advanced Interpretation Technics

    Will see the topics related to Computational Vision, recognition of objects in an animate space and 3D.

  • Optative 1

    Computational Grammatik

    Advanced Development of Plugins

    Probabilistic Models

  • Humankind and Contemporary World

    Will understand the contemporary philosophical and ethical ideas distinguishing doctrines and ideas that come from the deep thoughts of the moral in relationship to the different approximations and notions of what is good and of being human.

Octavo semestre

  • Compilers

    Will be able to recognize the fundamental elements in the design and implementation of the languages. Will be able to identify the main tools used in the construction of a compiler. Will use the techniques and tools to develop an app oriented to the processing of a language.

  • Advanced Parallel Programming

    Will demonstrate the capacity of programming in parallel different algorithms seen in classes before this one, using the CUDA platform.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Discover the importance of entrepreneurship in this country, recognizing opportunities in viable business projects specially through technology.

  • Graphic Simulation

    In this class the student will develop advanced apps in computer graphics and will learn to create shaders in different 3D simulation platforms.

  • Enterprise Direction

    The student will apply the principles and basic processes to the direction of businesses with the final goal of satisfying the expectations of the stakeholders, clients and employees of a business with the help of technological innovation.

  • Optative 2


    Discrete Simulation

    Marketing Principles

  • Professional Ethics

    Will obtain the necessary abilities to comprehend the reality of the labor reality nowadays. The moral exigencies imposed to the man in his personal and professional, to judge with a good criteria according to what your conscience dictates and your liberty in pro of a just and honest society.

Perfil de ingreso


The average student of Computer Graphics and Systems Engineering has the following characteristics:

  • Interest in computing technologies
  • Interest in solving mathematical problems
  • Interest in modifying their surroundings
  • Capacity for analysis and abstraction
  • Leadership and business vision

Perfil de egreso

EGRESS profile: 

The graduated student with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Graphics and Systems Engineering will be able to :

  • Develop the necessary tools to generate high value in the organization in the use of the most advanced and actual technologies in multimedia with a high knowledge of computer graphics
  • Implementation and direction of technological projects
  • Confront the future technological challenges from enterprises, entertainment institutions, education, health and 3D visualization.



Universidad Panamericana has a Media Lab in which projects that range from research to state of the art proof of concepts are being developed for the industry using the most advanced and modern technologies, such as 3D simulators, mobile applications, videogames and extended reality.

Furthermore, many of our professors’ work on high impact businesses that come from both Mexico and the exterior which helps them having a broad net of important contacts. Thanks to this, the university has a direct relationship with companies that constantly need specialized talent, such as: Continental, Intel, IBM, One Simple Idea, ILMxLAB, between others.


Also, it has more than 90 agreements with prestigious universities in 28 countries such as Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, the United States, France or England. The goal is that our students can promote their global vision, to achieve this we give them tools to have professional success.



Campo laboral


The Engineers of Computer Graphics and Systems acquire the knowledge and abilities that

national and international businesses require to continue with their technological advancements,

in other words the fields one can get to is quite broad and interesting:

  • Graphic Simulations
  • Computer Vision
  • Software Engineering
  • Technological entrepreneurship.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Apps and Video Games Development
  • Advanced Civil Design and Automotive Interactions


El sábado 29 de noviembre, la Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara fue sede de la XV Olimpiada Estatal de Matemáticas (Olimpiada N

En lo que podría denominarse como el evento más importante del año, investigadores de todas las academias UP se reunieron para compartir conocimientos y estudios en un ambiente 100% intelectual, el pasado 27 de noviembre.


En la séptima versión del Encuentro para compartir Mejores Prácticas de RSE, llevada a cabo en nuestro campus el pasado 18 de noviembre, se habló de las razones por las que la mujer es relevante en el ámbito empresarial, el programa para lograr recuperar la confianza en uno mismo, el modelo de v

Business Plan Alumni llevó a cabo su tercera sesión el pasado 21 de noviembre.