Education is the only path which will lead us to a real social transformation.

The world needs pedagogues...

Because they foster talent

Because they improve society

Because they transform people


Our curriulum is unique as it has a core curriculum and four areas of specialization according to the field of work:


Human Resources

Educational Innovation

Management of Institution


As a graduate of this program you will be able to fullfill educational needs within schools, companies, the government, hospitals, or any work field.


"Education does not change the world: it changes the people who will change the world."

Paulo Freire

Primer semestre

  • Foundations of Education and Pedagogy
  • Introduction to Research
  • Structure of Educational Thought
  • Psychological Bases of Education
  • History of Culture
  • Economic and Social Aspects of Education
  • Integral Development of Children
  • Writing

Segundo semestre

  • General History of Education
  • Quantitative Research Methods I
  • Educational Process Integration
  • Integral Adolescent Development
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Personality Theories
  • Theories of Learning
  • Individual and Society

Tercer semestre

  • History of Education in Mexico
  • Quantitative Research Methods II
  • Creativity
  • Psycho-pedagogical Diagnosis Workshop
  • Digital Production of Teaching Resources
  • Interview Workshop
  • Integral Development of Adulthood and Old Age
  • Ethics

Cuarto semestre

  • Theory of Knowledge
  • Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Interdisciplinary Study of Family
  • Legal framework and Mexican Educational System
  • Integrative Teaching Strategies
  • Attraction and Selection of Human Talent
  • Psychometric Diagnosis Workshop
  • Theological Anthropology I

Quinto semestre

  • Education Policy
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Differential Teaching
  • Training and Developing Human Capital
  • Teaching Skills Workshop
  • Labor Relations
  • Learning Neurophysiology
  • Theological Anthropology II

Sexto semestre

  • Comparative Education
  • Learning Assessment
  • Teaching Knowledge Areas
  • Financial Resources Management
  • Social Philosophy
  • Educational Orientation
  • Elective I
  • Elective II

Séptimo semestre

  • Aesthetic Education
  • Social Pedagogy
  • Curriculum Design
  • Strategic Management of Educational Institutions
  • Contemporary Man and World
  • Elective III
  • Elective IV
  • Elective V

Octavo semestre

  • Professional Ethics
  • Teaching Evaluation and Training
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Pedagogical intervention in the Family
  • Elective VI
  • Elective VII
  • Elective VIII


    • Learning Difficulties
    • Early Stimulation
    • Developmental Disorders
    • Behavior Disorders
    • Hospital Pedagogy
    • Educational Inclusion
    • Thesis Seminar
    • Current Issues of Pedagogy
    • Principles of Photography and Video
    • Ludic Applications for Learning
    • Long distance education
    • Digital images
    • Innovation and Computer Aided Design
    • Selected Topics of Educational Innovation
    • Thesis Seminar
    • Current Issues of Pedagogy


    • Organizational Development
    • Organizational Communication
    • Negotiation and Conflict Management
    • Strategic Management of Human Capital
    • Indicators for Measuring Human Talent
    • Performance Evaluation and Compensation
    • Thesis Seminar
    • Current Issues of Pedagogy
    • Learning Difficulties
    • Educational Marketing
    • Strategic Management of Human Capital
    • Developmental Disorders
    • Accreditation and Certification of Educational Institutions
    • Educational Inclusion
    • Thesis Seminar
    • Current Issues of Pedagogy

Perfil de ingreso


If you are interested in change and you like to work with other people, the program in Pedagogy is for you.

Do you consider yourself a creative person, a change agent and do you like helping others?

If so, we are sure that with us you will find the program you are looking for.

One of the main points for any organization is to know how to foster human talent and promote work team. If you agree with this, do not hesitate and see our curriculum so that you see why UP Pedagogy is the ideal program for you.


Candidates should have:

Previous knowledge of Social Sciences or Humanities.

Oral and written expression skills.

Interest in reading as well as good reading comprehension skills, paraphrasing skills, organization and application of concepts.

Analysis and Synthesis skills.

Habit to study, responsibility, self-discipline and time management.

Attitud to cooperate and ability to work in team.

Mathematical-logical thinking to study basic mathematics. 


Perfil de egreso

We develop professionals committed to education, capable of giving innovative options to solve current challenges.

Our graduates have the necessary tools to manage, create and design proposals to successfully develop in the work field.

The abilities that you will have by the end of the major are:

- Humanistic background

- Professional ethics

- Hard- working habits

- Solid principles and pedagogic criterium development.

- Bilingualism

- Management of information technologies applied to your professional field.

- Assertiveness, written and oral communication before various audiences ana in different areas.

- Strategic vision and leadership in the educational field.

- Creativity and innovation to solve issues in different areas.

  • - Skills to face and participate in interdiscilinary projects in an individual, school, community or social sphere. 
  • - Resilence and adaptability to adversity to have the changes that were expected.
  • - Abilities to foster people's development in all their areas and society's as well.
  • - Understanding of educational reality and its relation with other disciplines.
  • - Diagnosis, planning, development, management and evaluation of educational projects.
  • - Abilities to diagnose, intervene and evaluate special educational needs, learning disorders, educational, professional and family guidance.
  • - Design, develop, manage and evaluate quality innovative educational organizations, using your leadership for people development, academic and resources management.
  • - Spot, select and develop human talent within organizations.
  • - Design, develop, apply and evaluate forefront models, strategies and materials and new technologies applied to education
  • - Planning and development of educational strategies.

Campo laboral



As a Pedagogue, you will be able to develop professionally in:




Doctor's Offices



Non-government organizations

Private and public companies

Consulting offices

Interactive Museums

The media

Distance education centers


Plantel Rodin: Secretariat of Public Education agreement no. 944894 at march 24, 1994