Business Network

Business Network

Here we share some of the questions that are most common, hoping that you will find them useful to solve some doubts.


Who can belong to the Business Network?

This project´s objective is to promote and support our entrepreneur graduates, so you are required to have a graduate degree from Universidad Panamericana and be the owner or partner of the company.


If I'm not a graduate how can I offer the services of my company?

AlumniUP has another project called "Benefits", in which you can participate and offer your products or services to the UPCommunity. In this case, please send an email to and we´ll gladly assist you.


How can I sign up in the Business Network UP and what requirements I must cover?

To register in Business Network UP send an email to specifying your full name, career and generation, as well as a contact number. As a prerequisite, you must attach your business information in a word document, maximum one page, including:

• Name of the company or business.

• Description of the services or products you offer. From six to eight lines long to give the reader more complete information about your company. We recommend it to be attractive.

• Price of your products or services, if you wish.

• Complete location of your company.

• The discount offered to the entire UPCommunity.

• Contact name (in this case the same graduate), phone, email, your business´s web page and social networks.

• Your company´s logo, in jpg or png format, attached as a separate file.


Is there a minimum discount percentage that I should offer?

The discount is entirely the company´s decision. Currently, the percentage generally offered is between 10% and 20%.


Does it have any cost to belong to the Business Network UP or Benefits?

Not at all. This is a support that the University provides to its graduates, because we know that is a big challenge to start a business and make it known.


Should we sign any contract between UP and our business?

At the moment, no contract should be signed: this with the intention of maintaining our graduates comfortable at any time and also because we trust in their formation. If, in a given moment, you want to get out of the Business Network UP you can do it without any problem.


Should I ask something to people who come to my company requesting the discount?

This is very important for the safety of both, yours and the University, so we suggest you to ask for the ID to the UPCommunity.


• If the consumer doesn´t have an ID, can I still offer the discount?

Asking for a valid ID is a security measure for you. However, if you don´t want to ask for it is totally up to you.


If you have any doubts or concerns about the Business Network UP you can send us an email to or call us to 5482 1600 extension 6445.