Aguascalientes, 29 mayo de 2018.-

Last Friday, May 25th, The Language Department of UP Campus Bonaterra held The UPTC 2018 (Universidad Panamericana Teachers’ Conference) on Campus. This time, the general idea of the Congress was based on INSPIRATION and GREATNESS, two keywords in any teacher’s agenda. 


 “INSPIRING TEACHERS FOR GREATNESS” was the topic of choice and therefore, given to the guest speakers for them to prepare a talk and bring their best to an audience which was eager to listen, learn and share their experiences.  


This year, as compared to previous UPTC’s, the organizing committee decided to extend invitations not only to teachers but to students involved in a bilingual system, specifically from two universities: Universidad Tecnológica el Retoño and Escuela Normal Superior Federal de Ags. and it resulted as a great success. Including that there was a pre-registration time and a “sold-out” notice was given almost one month before the event. The audience consisted of a nice and interesting combination of teachers and students who will be teachers in the near future. Besides, high level lectures and workshops were presented by qualified speakers, local and from different places and with an extensive record in ELT (English Teaching Language).


Lic. Salvador Barrientos Salas, Head of the Language Department, initiated the opening ceremony, with a message of integrity and inclusion at all levels as well as the importance of getting university students involved in these kind of events as a breaking point in their challenge to become future great teachers.  The opening was followed by the first plenary (out of two) headed by Peter Reilly, Ph.D., who kindly accepted to share his experience and knowledge on behalf of the improvement of those who are eager to do a better job as English instructors. His plenary was called “Reaching generation Z” where he clearly compared with the other generations as a key to a better student understanding.

After the first plenary, at 5:00 p.m., five concurrent sessions were held in the different rooms on Campus.  Experienced and professional speakers such as Mark Arthur, Brad Bawtinheimer, Enrique Barba, Wade Alley and Benjamin Stewart were in charge of these five sessions and they were repeated at 6:00 pm. The opportunity to choose two concurrent sessions resulted in  good comments and feedback from the audience.


At 7:00 p.m., Dixie Santana, Ph.D., closed the academic portion with the second plenary called “What makes a teacher great?” and after that, all the participants were invited to enjoy the  live music of “UP Ensamble Master” and the traditional cocktail where people usually give a little bit of their time to socialize and exchange experiences with one another.


The Academic Coordinator, Mtra. Mónica Castillo and the Head of the Language Department, Lic. Salvador Barrientos, along with full time English teachers organized and coordinated this event from the beginning to the end and this Department would like to thank all the speakers who made this event a successful learning experience and our kind appreciation goes to all of the attendees as well as our staff members along with the student hostesses who made from this event a positive, learning   experience.