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UP Open University removes the barriers to access higher education through hybrid or online courses. Open University allows our students to accomplish their professional goals by obtaining a degree with high academic standards. They can also count on our characteristic personal attention.



We offer the major in Pegadogy and the major in Philosophy in an online or hybrid system with a tutor for each one of the subjects. Students choose the number of subjects they will take each period according to their availability and to the difficulty of the subjects.



The Open University intends to provide an academic and human formation with the highest standars in the fields of Philosophy and Pedagogy. Also, we have a faculty with international experience who frequently update their knowledge of the subjects that they teach.


On the other hand, we have the support of the School of Pedagogy which is the first private school certified by the Pedagogy and Education Program Appraisal Committee (CEPPE). Its curriculum in the area of Human Resources is aligned to the Society of Human Resources Management, Virginia, United States which has helped develop human resources education in business schools and universities internationally since 2006. 

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The study of Pedagogy helps us understand all the elements involved in the teaching-learning process. Pedagogy is very broad as people never stop learning: living is learning. Education includes Basic and Higher Education, the business world, the public sector, the development of cultural programs, and the structure of some museums, among others.


The knowledge society, the era of cyberspace and planetary globalization demands to keep up to assume responsibly and freely all the changes in attitude and paradigms to which we are subjected.



The major in Philosophy intends to develop professionals who are committed to the search for the truth and the transformation of their environment. Throughout this program, students develop critical, analytical, deductive and synthetic skills which allow them to pose problems from an adequate perspective and innovate their solutions. 


The humanistic preparation of the program allows our graduates to work in various fields. UP philosophers have proved their versatility to work in education, politics, business, cultural promotion, media and non-governmental organizations.

Through our online or distance learning system, we make our program available from the comfort of your home or company so that you take advantage of your time and obtain an undergraduate degree with the prestige of UP.


The Open University allows those who due to their professional development and personal occupations cannot study in a traditional way (having daily face to face classes) to obtain an undergraduate certificate.


To enroll in any of our two programs, it is necessary to cover some requirements which are detailed in this section.

In this section you will get to know our students experiences at Open University, the way in which they have successfully combined their work and their undergraduate studies.

The Open University aware of the changes that are happening every day as well as the need of our graduates to specialize, offers various degree options. These options are...

If you still have questions, find answers referent to admission, classes, professors and more in this section.


Aguascalientes, 15 octubre del 2021.-

Más de 450 niños y 90 madres de familia retomaron actividades de labor social en tres comunidades y una colonia adoptadas por el proyecto de UNETE (Universitarios en toda su expresión)


Inspirar a las personas a crear nuevas e ilimitadas perspectivas, a descubrir nuevas posibilidades a través de herramientas visuales y asociativas que ayudan a aclarar ideas abstractas y transmitir mensajes con claridad.



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