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Master's in Family Education

Master's in Family Education

Develop professionals in Family Education capable of researching, giving advise, managing and determining educational actions focused on family with philosophical-pedagogical criteria and human efficiency.

Bloque 1: 
La orientación educativa familiar
Bloque 2: 
Estudio de casos y metodología de la investigación
Bloque 3: 
Persona y educación
Bloque 4: 
Destinatarios de la educación familiar
Bloque 5: 
Ética, valores y virtudes en la familia
Bloque 6: 
Orientación educativa en grupo
Bloque 7: 
Noviazgo y matrimonio
Bloque 8: 
Relaciones familiares
Bloque 9: 
Ejes de la Educación Familiar
Bloque 10: 
Estudio del Aprendizaje y la Personalidad en la Educación Familiar
Bloque 11: 
Consultoría familiar
Bloque 12: 
Orientación a padres de familia a través de la escuela
Bloque 13: 
Los medios de comunicación y la familia
Bloque 14: 
Educación para el trabajo
Bloque 15: 
Bioética y educación familiar
Bloque 16: 
Seminario de problemas contemporáneos de la educación familiarSeminario de investigación educativaTaller de investigación educativa


Saturdays from 8am to 2pm

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information about financing, contact the program coordinator.

Perfil de ingreso

The ideal candidate will have:


  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Interest in persons, families, and society
  • A spirit of service
  • Time and willingness to undertake professional development

Perfil de egreso

The graduate from the Master’s program in Family Education will have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to:



  • Collaborate in research on topics related to family dynamics.
  • Work as a university lecturer in his/her areas of expertise.
  • Collaborate with other family educators and / or interdisciplinary teams to provide a comprehensive service to families.
  • Show efficiency in the study of family cases, carrying out diagnosis of educational possibilities and disadvantages.
  • Participate in the media, offering educational strategies to support and guide family life.
  • Offer realistic and optimistic assessment of family situations.
  • Express profound respect for human life, the privacy of individuals and families and the freedom of each to decide their means of improvement.
  • Suggest and exploit various resources in family education, adapted to the reality of groups and people you work with.
  • Act with professional ethics, which is manifested in prudence, discretion, responsibility and cooperation in interdisciplinary work, with a  personal and social commitment.




Application of knowledge

• Advise institutions such as hospitals, museums, or social rehabilitation centers for the disabled

• Encourage citizen participation.

• Develop educational programs for rural and urban populations.

• Develop media content.

• Develop social programs for prevention of crime, and alcohol and drug abuse.

• Plan and promote interpersonal communication.

• Design and develop programs for family counseling.

• Promote the acquisition of habits and virtues.

• Provide couples therapy and family consulting

• Assist in the integration of parents and children.

Opciones de titulación

For the Master’s program in Family Education, the School of Pedagogy has established as the only degree option, the presentation of a Thesis. It must be an original and individual work related to a specific topic, either for the construction of new knowledge, the creation of a specific program, or the application of existing knowledge, applied in an intervention.


Once the Thesis is completed, it will be presented and defended before a jury.


Einar Palomino Perezchica

Admissions, Post-graduate programs in Pedagogy

School of Pedagogy

Tel. (449) 910 6204


Rosa Elena Campos Muñoz

Coordinator, Master’s program in Family Education

School of Pedagogy


Tel. (449) 910 6204


Secretariat of Public Education Agreement No. 20090548, dated 7 August, 2009.