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Master's in Higher Education

Master's in Higher Education

Develop professionals who are able to ponder on education and who understand and value research as a part of the learning process. Also, they can plan, take, and evaluate educational actions which can be implemented to high-quality teaching and learning of young students and adults.

Bloque 1: 
Antropología FilosóficaFilosofía de la EducaciónÉtica
Bloque 2: 
Psicología de la juventudPsicología del aprendizajePsicología social
Bloque 3: 
Sociología de la educaciónSistema educativo mexicanoHistoria de la educación superior en México
Bloque 4: 
Diseño y evaluación de planes de estudioDiseño y evaluación de programasEvaluación de los aprendizajes curricularesInstrumentación didáctica
Bloque 5: 
Metodología de la investigaciónEstadística aplicada a la educación
Bloque 6: 
Reflexiones epistemológicas en torno a la concepción de la práctica docenteEstado del arte y enfoques de la investigación educativa en MéxicoEl proyecto de la investigación y la práctica docenteDesarrollo de proyectos de investigación


Fridays: 5 to 8pm.

Saturdays: 8am to 2pm

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information about financing, contact the program coordinator.

Perfil de ingreso

The ideal candidate will have:


  • A Bachelor’s degree in a field related to Social Sciences. Those from other fields will take a foundation course.
  • A job in higher education
  • Time to attend classes and carry out the course work
  • Positive intellectual attitudes towards study and intense academic work (mathematics, reading, a foreign language)
  • A commitment towards change and academic improvement, both on the personal and on the institutional level

Perfil de egreso

  • Knowledge

  • Understand the purposes of education and the acquisition of human values ​​through it.
  • Value education as an activity that contributes to individual and social development of human beings.
  • Know the different conceptualizations and theoretical approaches to the educational phenomenon.
  • Know and value the diverse social, historical, political and regulatory factors affecting the organization and practice of university teaching.
  • Possess a systematic view of the main contributions of the human sciences in the field of education (history, sociology, psychology, politics, etc.)



The skills acquired by the graduates of the Masters in Higher Education impact:


The detection, characterization and solution of problems of higher education by performing the following functions:



Promotion of culture in the various stages of the teaching and learning process: planning, implementation and evaluation.

  • Favor cooperation and group work, as a critical resource to meet their work situations.
  • Assume a cooperative, responsible and participative attitude to the problems of education.
  • Respect human values ​​of learners to promote their development.



A reflective, critical and flexible attitude towards the teaching practice and the need to improve quality.



Interpret reality and educational problems generated in institutions and proposing alternative solutions. Use methodological tools used to interpret the educational reality and propose research projects. Design and implement action plans in classrooms to enhance the teaching-learning process. Effectively use documentary techniques to produce research papers. 

Opciones de titulación

For the Master’s program in Higher Education, the School of Pedagogy has established as the only degree option, the presentation of a Thesis. It must be an original and individual work related to a specific topic, either for the construction of new knowledge, the creation of a specific program, or the application of existing knowledge, applied in an intervention.


Once the Thesis is completed, it will be presented and defended before a jury.


Einar Palomino Perezchica

Admissions, Post-graduate programs in Pedagogy

School of Pedagogy

Tel. (449) 910 6204


Myrna Elizabeth Espinoza Vázquez

Coordinator, Master’s program in Higher Education

School of Pedagogy

Tel. (449) 910 6204


Secretariat of Public Education Agreement No. 964016, dated 1 March, 1996.