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Master's in Management of Educational Centers

Master's in Management of Educational Centers

Develop professionals in management capable of handling theoretical-practical knowledge of management pedagogy, philosophy, administration and discipline that allows them to act as interdisciplinary, efficient, and reflexive managers who have the ability to critique.

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Marco legal y gobierno de las instituciones educativas
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Dirección de centros educativos
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Fundamentos antropológicos y pedagógicos
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Tecnologías educativas de información
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Gestión administrativa y financiera
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Dirección del talento


Fridays: 5 to 8pm.

Saturdays: 8am to 2pm

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information about financing, please contact the program coordinator.

Perfil de ingreso

The ideal candidate will:


  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree (it can be in any field; managers of educational institutions come from a variety of backgrounds.)
  • Be interested in innovation
  • Have the capacity to develop and transform his or her management practice.
  • Be interested in professionalizing his or her practice.
  • Possess a spirit of service.
  • Be interested in creating programs for innovative management
  • Need to carry out research as a starting point for the transformation of school management
  • Have a positive intellectual attitude towards studies and academic work.
  • Be capable of identifying weaknesses in his or her management and of transforming them into strengths
  • Hold a management position in his or her educational center.

Perfil de egreso

  • Upon completing the course, the students will:


  • Understanding the human role in the educational institution and its importance in a society in constant transformation.
  • Promote harmonious development between academic and administrative roles with a broad vision to transform relevant projects derived from state policies, individual projects, using, ethical and innovative approaches, and oriented towards continuous improvement.
  • Encourage team spirit and willingness to form an educational community made up of families (parents and students) and teachers seeking to transform the school environment.
  • Review his or her personal style of directing, establishing a personal development plan in terms of attitudes, skills and abilities required in his or her work.
  • Suggest education management projects to transform the institution into a unique educational center.
  • Analyze the educational institution to detect strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Develop the ability to work to targets based on strategic planning.
  • Develop fundamental skills for management, such as leadership and effective communication.

Opciones de titulación

For the Master’s program in Higher Education, the School of Pedagogy has established as the only degree option, the presentation of a Thesis. It must be an original and individual work related to a specific topic, either for the construction of new knowledge, the creation of a specific program, or the application of existing knowledge, applied in an intervention.


Once the Thesis is completed, it will be presented and defended before a jury.


Einar Palomino Perezchica

Admissions, Post-graduate programs in Pedagogy and

Coordinator, Master’s in Management of Educational Centers

School of Pedagogy

Tel. (449) 910 6204


Secretariat of Public Education Agreement No. 0785, dated 14 June, 2006.