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Specialist in Human Capital Development

Specialist in Human Capital Development

The program forms participants as professionals capable of diagnosing, planning, carrying out and evaluating actions and situations which contribute to excellence in the development of human resources. The program considers the person as the center of the organization.


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Concepción de la empresa como un ente social
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Administración del Capital Humano
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El proceso de la integración del Capital Humano
Bloque 4: 
Formación y proyección del Capital Humano
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Gestión y administración de las compensaciones
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Desarrollo organizacional
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Ética profesional
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Seminario de investigación pedagógica


Fridays  from 5 to 8 pm

Saturdays from 9am to 2pm  

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information about financial support, please contact the program coordinator.

¿Por qué la UP?

Our specialists are trained from a humanistic, and ethical-anthropological perspective.

The program is designed for professionals who handle human resources in a company, regardless of the company’s activities.

Our professors are experienced in administrative positions; they understand the processes of human capital development in an organization.

Our program is made up of the relevant elements for the development of a company’s greatest competitive advantage: its personnel.

Our graduates have the skills they need to solve problems related to interpersonal relationships.

Our graduates are professionals prepared to handle the development and management of the human factor within an organization.

A large number of companies have sent their Human Resources managers to take this program. They can attest to its relevance and academic excellence.

Perfil de ingreso

  • The ideal candidate has:

    • An entrepreneurial spirit

    • The ability to transform and develop his or her professional practice.

    • Interest in professionalizing his or her work and developing in the field of human capital management.

    • A spirit of service

    • The ability to combine company objectives with the personal objectives of their employees, establishing common goals.

    • Interest in creating development programs for innovative management.

    • An undergraduate degree, preferably in Pedagogy, Psychology, Industrial Relations, Industrial Engineering, or Business Administration

    • A job in the Human Resource department of some company. If the candidate is not currently working in Human Resources, a foundation course is available.

    • Interest in developing management skills



Perfil de egreso


  • Analyze the anthropological carácter of the firm from a realistic philosophical perspective.
  • Learn different types of psycho-lexical methods and psychometric tests and identify where they can be applied.
  • Learn methods for planning, recruiting, selecting, and training personnel
  • Understand the process of performance evaluation
  • Analyze the nature of training in the firm
  • Understand factors and systems in compensation
  • Reflect upon the ethical dimensions of education work within a business



  • Managerial action based on a humanistic perspective of business
  • Selection of tests based on the job profile
  • Assess different recruitment tests to determine their advantages and disadvantages.
  •  Create psycho-lexic tests.
  • Design integration strategies for incoming staff and apply different methods for planning, recruiting, selection, and orientation.
  • Develop strategies for performance evaluation which contribute to improving staff performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Design strategies for human factor training
  • Project management and administration strategies for compensations, based on position valuation
  • Apply ethical principles to concrete educational situations.



Policy activity will be guided by a model of corporate humanism

Accept the profession as a career for life, understanding duties and responsibilities and using resources to enhance their work

Given the various problems involving staff management, have a willingness to offer alternatives

Manifest an attitude of service in the development of their professional activity

Be congruent in their lives, as a result of their training in ethics

Be a change agent, seeking the growth of the organization and the people who work there

Establish their pedagogy in philosophical roots, never confusing the means with the end.


Opciones de titulación

The Specialist course in Human Capital Development has established as the only degree option, a Thesis, which will be defended before a jury.

Upon completing the program, there is the option to continue with a second specialist course and thus, obtain a Master’s degree.


Specialist Course in Development of Human Capital +Specialist Course in Human Capital Management= Master's degree in Development and Management of Human Capital


Einar Palomino Perezchica

Admissions, Post-graduate programs in Pedagogy

School of Pedagogy

Tel. (449) 910 6204


Leonardo Mendoza Hernández

Coordinator, Specialist Course in Human Capital Development

School of Pedagogy

Tel. (449) 910 6204


Secretariat of Public Education Agreement No. 2005360, dated 7 June, 2005.