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Specialist in Mobile Technologies

Specialist in Mobile Technologies

  • This is a program with the clear objective to develop knowledge of:

- Data management and modeling technologies through the use of computing technology in the Cloud.

- Application design and simulation of mobile devices.

- Evaluation, rating and design of Hardware and Software updating systems.

- Advice in Hardware and/or Software acquisition that are adequate for every processing situation and need.

- Design and development of commercial computing packages and of application for intelligent network and mobile devices.

- Implementation of acquired knowledge in electronic media and business in marketing and viceversa.

- Creation of computing technology in the Cloud, Intelligent Network and application development for mobile devices.



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Desarrollo de Aplicaciones para Dispositivos Móviles IAnálisis Ético de las Decisiones DirectivasLeyes Reguladoras en Medios ElectrónicosCómputo en la Nube
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Seguridad e Integridad de la InformaciónDesarrollo de Aplicaciones para Dispositivos Móviles IIRed InteligenteMercadotecnia en Aplicaciones para Dispositivos Móviles


The modules are organized into semesters, taking place from January to June and from August to December. Each semester consists of 4 subjects, with a total of 12 face-to-face hours each, in the evenings from Monday to Friday 

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


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Perfil de ingreso

Knowledge:• Engineering• Mathematics• Computer software• English Language

Skills:• Abstract reasoning• Individual and team work• Problem-solving• Ingenuity

Attitudes:•  Creativity•  Participation and continuous professional growth•  Taste for professional and scientific development• Interest in participating in companies and research activities


Perfil de egreso

Knowledge:• Technologies for the handling and modelling of data using Cloud Computing.• Design and simulation of applications for mobile devices.• Evaluation and design of updating systems for hardware and software.• Consulting in the acquisition of hardware and/or software for every situation or need in processing, based on the knowledge of computer systems.• Design and development of commercial computer packages and applications for smart grid or mobile devices.• Application of knowledge of electronic media or business to Marketing and vice-versa.• Generation of Cloud Computing technology, Smart Grid and the development of applications for mobile devices.

Skills:• Team work• Project management• Personnel management• Oral and written communication• Decision making• Integration of different technologies• Interdisciplinary problem solving• Ingenuity and innovation• Research skills• Global perspective• Personal and professional ethics.

Attitudes:• High sense of responsibility• Spirit of service• Ability to undertake tasks• Facing problems and finding solutions• Orientation to ethics in every field• Correct use of knowledge• Respect for the enviroment• Work towards the advancement of computing in the country and in the world.• Ethical sense of business by electronic means• Ability to research and develop systems and applications taking advantage of cloud computing, smart grid and mobile devices.• Facility for communication by means of applications such as cloud computing, Smart grid and the development of applications for mobile devices.

Upon completing the program, the students will:• Be able to apply current information and communication technologies to the Smart Grid, the development of applications for mobile devices, and to create new technologies to face challenges involving the interaction of Computer Engineering with other branches of Engineering, Administration, and Electronics, among others.• Have the knowledge, skills and attitudes which allow them to develop professionally in fields such as computing, hardware or software consulting, research, or in the development of applications for mobile devices.• Have obtained a global perspective of the use of networks in the development of applications for mobile devices, information technologies and Marketing, through the development of Smart Grid and Cloud Computing.• Have solid ethical foundations to create or use state-of-the-art technologies responsibly and for the benefit of society.• Carry out research in fields such as the development of Smart Grid, E-Commerce, and high-level programming for the development of applications for mobile devices and for the Smart Grid.• Be capable of protecting databases in the cloud through state-of-the-art technologies for information security.

Opciones de titulación

The degree is obtained based on academic performance. A minimum grade of 8.0 for each module is required.

A Master’s degree in Engineering can be obtained by taking a second specialist course, or by covering the credits necessary to obtain the Master’s in Science.


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