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Specialist in Robotics

Specialist in Robotics

This program offers participants a deep training in automitic system design in industrial applications.

By the end of the program students will have the necessary bases to start and lead new companies related to technological management where robots and automatic machines will be designed, installed and put to work so that industrial processes are improved.

Also, it will provide a global vision for the use of Control Technologies, Microelectronics and process Automation which will allow graduates to fullfill the expectations of today's industry.


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Matemáticas Avanzadas para IngenierosRobóticaControl ModernoAnálisis Ético de las Decisiones Directivas
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Dispositivos y Circuitos ElectrónicosMecánica AvanzadaTratamiento de SeñalesActuadores y Sensores Industriales


The modules are organized into semesters, taking place from January to June and from August to December. Each semester consists of 4 subjects, with a total of 12 face-to-face hours each, in the evenings from Monday to Friday.


Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


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Perfil de ingreso

Knowledge:• Engineering• Mathematics• Computer software• English Language


Skills:• Abstract reasoning• Individual and team work• Problem-solving• Ingenuity


Attitudes:•  Inventive•  Participation and continuous professional growth•  Taste for professional and scientific development• Interest in participating in companies and research activities

Perfil de egreso

Specialists in:• Designing, building, installing, operating and maintaining robots and automated machines to  

   help improve and optimize industrial processes.• Using control technologies, microelectronics, and process automation applied to robotics.• Designing automated systems in industrial applications.


At the end of the academic program, students:

Will have the knowledge and skills to undertake and manage new businesses related to technology management which design, install and operate robots and automated machines to help improve and optimize industrial processes. The Specialist Course in Robotics provides an overview of the use of control technologies, microelectronics and process automation that will allow satisfactory responses to changes demanded by the industry today both at the state and national level. It is supported on solid ethical principles to create or use technology responsibly for the benefit of society.


Opciones de titulación

The degree is obtained based on academic performance. A minimum grade of 8.0 for each module is required.A Master’s degree in Engineering can be obtained by taking a second specialist course, or by covering the credits necessary to obtain the Master’s in Science. 


Coordinación de Promoción y Selectividad

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Secretariat of Public Education agreement no. 2005044, dated 18 February, 2005