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Doctoral Program in Business Sciences

Doctoral Program in Business Sciences

The mission of the Doctorate in Business Sciences (DCE) of the Universidad Panamericana is to train researchers of high academic level with a solid ethical and anthropological orientation, who, from the frontier of knowledge, provide solutions of high added value for society in congruence with the problems and challenges faced by organizations in economic, financial and administrative matters.



  • Members of the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Council (EDBAC).
  • Intensive residency-based program.
  • We have a wide network of international collaboration with universities in several countries.
  • Research professors with extensive academic and business experience.



The Doctoral program in Business Sciences, aligned with the mission of Universidad Panamericana, seeks to satisfy the academic and research needs of the business and educational environment by providing our students with rigorous preparation for academic and/or professional practice, as well as solid training for the development of research that produces innovative knowledge.



  • Research to solve complex problems and generate added value for organizations.
  • Delve into the corpus of economic-administrative theories.
  • Apply new business knowledge in complex organizational situations.



To achieve the objectives, a research program is contemplated with the following fundamental points:


  • Balanced study plan including three axes: theoretical foundation, research methodology -quantitative and qualitative- and research seminars.
  • Generation of high visibility and impact scientific publications.
  • Research stays in international institutions with proven academic excellence.
  • Research work in cohorts under the direction of expert researchers in the area.
  • Ideal selection of the advisor-doctoral student relationship from admission to graduation, according to the analysis of the Academic Committee of the doctorate on the research interests of the doctoral student and the experience of the advisor.
  • Solution of business problems with practical application and scientific foundation.



The program lasts 4 years and is divided into three stages:



Corresponds to the first year of the program (1st and 2nd semesters) and comprises 6 compulsory subjects that support theoretical and practical knowledge that support research topics in the following areas: Business Strategy, Business Intelligence, and Economics and Finance.



Corresponds to the 3rd, 4th and 5th semesters that make up the rest of the compulsory and elective subjects and the first 3 research seminars that will allow you to conclude the thesis protocol and work on the development of research products that have the necessary rigor for their publication. During this year and a half, the students focus on their area of ​​research.



Corresponds to the final three semesters (6th, 7th, and 8th) where the student focuses mainly on the conclusion of the thesis, participating in research colloquia, international conferences, and refereed publications. The thesis is concluded at the end of the last semester.


The Study Plan includes 18 subjects, with a total of 150 credits, distributed as follows:


  • 9 compulsory subjects, 4 of them research-oriented.
  • 3 elective subjects that attend to the line of research of each student.
  • 6 seminars focused on research for the development of the Doctoral Thesis.


See curriculum map



The DCE contemplates a rigorous evaluation plan in different periods of the program:

  1. Each subject will have an evaluation according to what is stipulated in the study plan, with a minimum passing grade of 7.0.
  2. Academic qualification exam: During the third semester, the student will take an exam on the state of the academic art of business sciences. To do this, you will have read the compulsory reading list assigned from the beginning of the courses. This list supports the subjects: Economics, Theory of Strategy, Corporate Finance, Business Intelligence and Research Methodology. Passing this exam is an essential requirement to continue postgraduate studies.
  3. Examination of the application of methodological competencies to the study area: During the fifth semester, the student will present an exam that assesses their methodological skills and competencies in their area of ​​study. Subject-based exam: Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods, Multivariate Quantitative Methods. Passing this exam is a prerequisite for continuing doctoral studies.
  4. Thesis proposal exam: During the seventh semester, the student will have to defend their thesis topic before a committee, which will give them feedback on their work so that they can conclude on time according to the ideal route of the DCE plan.
  5. Doctoral examination: At the end of semester 8, the student will present their doctoral examination before a committee, after which they will obtain the degree of Doctor of Business Sciences.



In the doctorate, research professors collaborate with extensive, constant and high-quality academic production, linked to the business sector and public and private organizations, as well as international experience.



  • Dr. Adrián Ramírez Nafarrate. PhD in Industrial Engineering, Arizona State University (SNI II).
  • Dr. Clara Cristina Catalina Eccius Wellmann (SNI I)
  • Dr. Omar Guillermo Rojas Altamirano. PhD in Mathematics, La Trobe University, Australia (SNI I)
  • Dr. Manuel Soto Pérez. Doctor of Administration, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Dr. Guillermo Sosa Gómez. Ph.D. in Mathematics, Center for Research in Mathematics, Mexico.
  • Dr. Elías Olivares Benítez (SNI I)



  • Dr. Edgar Demetrio Tovar García. Doctor in Economics, University of Barcelona, ​​Spain. (SNI I)
  • Dr. Nora Claudia Ampudia Márquez. (SNI I)
  • Dr. Hugo Briseño Ramírez. (SNI C)
  • Dr. Ramona Serrano Bautista. (SNI C)
  • Dr. Alejandro Rodríguez Magaña. (SNI C)
  • Dr. Eugenia Suárez Morán.
  • Dr. Israel Macías López.



  • Dr. Carlos Eduardo López Hernández. (SNI C)
  • Dr. Jacqueline Yvette Sánchez García. (SNI C)
  • Dr. Juan Enrique Núñez Ríos. (SNI C)
  • Dr. Rafael Hernández Cázares. Doctor in Business, Georgia State University, USA.
  • Dr. Guadalupe Gaytán Jiménez
  • Dr. José Francisco López Torres
  • Dr. Juan Pablo Patiño Karam



Focuses on the identification and satisfaction of market needs, through the use of tools that favor the reliability of information and data processing, with respect for the person and environment



Aims to develop research that promotes the capacities to obtain and generate economic and financial resources to strengthen the productive and commercial activities of companies, generate clarity in the markets, contributing to efficiency, as well as equitable profitability and transparency.



Aims to generate a theoretical body that allows explaining how companies can develop their competitiveness. It seeks to adopt new perspectives in the study of strategy, proposing explanatory theories and developing models and tools that contribute not only to academic progress but also to improving the competitiveness of companies.



Tutorials are the main monitoring mechanism so that doctoral students can conclude their courses, research project, thesis work and at least one publication in collaboration with other participants and another related to their thesis topic.


The doctorate will have a generational cohort of a maximum of 18 students, which allows that in addition to the learning obtained from both the subjects and the research tutor, reaching a 1: 1 ratio of tutor: student, they can be nurtured by the wealth of diverse points of view of their peers..


During the first year, students will work on defining their research topic and will be able to participate in collaborative research with peers and a tutor. From the second year, students will have to carry out their research work with the support of a tutor, for the culmination of their thesis in year 4.




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Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.

Perfil de ingreso


The applicant for the Doctorate in Business Sciences must have a deep interest in administrative and economic science, as well as the generation of frontier knowledge for the solution of complex problems in organizations. In the same way, they must have mastery in the following areas:



  • The principles that regulate Economics, Administration and Finance.
  • Fundamentals of Algebra, Calculus, Statistics and Probability.
  • Reading and writing texts in the English language.



  • Implement analysis and synthesis tools.
  • Develop specialized research and inquiry
  • Produce scientific texts with high academic rigor.
  • Propose solutions with critical and logical-mathematical thinking.



  • Adaptation to the intellectual challenges of the discipline.
  • Interest in promoting research and solving problems in the business environment, with a global mindset.
  • Initiative and proactivity for the development of research, both independently and in collaborative networks.
  • Ethics and social responsibility in their professional development.







Candidates for the Doctorate in Business Sciences must have a Master's degree and 5 years of minimum experience in areas related to the doctorate.


According to the mission of the Universidad Panamericana to Educate people who seek the truth and commit to it, promoting Christian humanism that contributes to the construction of a better world, those interested in studying to achieve the degree of Doctor in Business Sciences, are invited to carry out the corresponding procedures to start in February 2021:


  1. Contact Promotion and Admissions of Business Postgraduate Programs, either through email (, telephone (+52 33 1368 2200 ext. 4482) or in person (Álvaro del Portillo # 49, Cd. Granja, Zapopan, Jal., México) and send the request form duly filled out.
  2. Request an interview with the director of the DCE (, tel: +52 33 1368 2200 ext. 4946)
  3. Present and pass the admission exam on competencies
  4. If accepted, the candidate must submit the following documentation to the Business Postgraduate Admissions and Promotion office.


a. Registration form printed, filled out and signed.
b. Recent original birth certificate (no older than 3 months).[2] 
c. Bachelor's Certificate (Original and copy) *
d.Bachelor's Diploma (Copy on both sides)
e. Bachelor's licensure (Copy on both sides)
f. Master's Certificate (Original and copy) *
g. Master's Diploma (Copy on both sides)
h. Master's licensure (Copy on both sides)
i. 6 ID-size photographs: Oval, black and white, studio and self-adhesive. Each photograph must have the name on the back.
j. Copy of recent CURP (no more than 3 months)
k. Curriculum Vitae
l. 2 academic recommendation letters and a professional recommendation letter.
m. For foreign candidates and degrees, more information will be provided.


* Depending on the University that issues the document, it may require legalization by the State Government


It should be clarified that admission will depend on the decision of the Admissions Committee and that the decision to accept the program will be announced by the UP Graduate Department.