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Master's in Strategic Communication

Master's in Strategic Communication

The objective of this program is to develop professionals in this field of specialized communications. The program contributes to developing intellectual and technical skills to design and implement communications strategies in companies, institutions, and government organizations. 


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Especialidad en Comunicación Corporativa y Relaciones Públicas
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Especialidad en Comunicación y Mercadotecnia Política.
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Especialidad en Publicidad Digital, Marcas y Redes Sociales


Fridays  from 4 to 9 pm

Saturdays from 8am to 2pm  

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information about financing, please contact the program coordinator.

Perfil de ingreso

  • Directors of Public Relations
  • Spokespersons for companies and organizations
  • Directors of areas related to Marketing, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Media Relations
  • Directors of Social Responsibility
  • Teachers of communication sciences
  • Spokespersons for government organizations
  • Consultants for Political or Private Institutions
  • Directors of Institutional Communication and Corporate Image
  • Graduates in the fields of communications, advertising, or marketing

Perfil de egreso


  • Social sciences and humanities.
  • Background in communications.
  • Background in marketing
  • Use of information technologies
  • Oral and written skills
  • Historical and political enviroment at the regional, domestic, and global levels
  • Principles of regulation for media and communications
  • Research applied to communications
  • Philosophical and ethical bases of professional conduct




  • People skills
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Divergent thinker and problem solver
  • Leadership skills
  • Visualize and carry out strategic development plans
  • Facility for analysis of political, social, economic environment and trends
  • Interpret data and statistics applicable to professonal work
  • Conceptualize aspects of image, brand, and corporate reputation
  • Clear mastery of communications technologies
  • Negotiation and lobbying skills
  • Conceptualization of advertising procedures
  • Integration of strategic public relations projects
  • Application of legislation to specialized activities in communications


MBA. Livier Carolina Beltrán Pérez

Subdirector Outreach UP

5233 1368 2200 Ext. 3748


Lic. Diana Gabriela Sánchez Preciado

Coordinator Outreach UP

5233 1368 2200 Ext 4163