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Master's in Structures

Master's in Structures

This program aims to develop engineers in the area of structures capable of working as a professional structural estimator. Also, it intends to give a solid theoretical education to the construction professional in three main areas: Basic Area of Analysis, Structural Design and Advanced Structural Analysis. It will allow the graduates of the program to develop the ability to do structural design projects that will require deeper knowledge than that of an undergraduate program. Graduates will also learn how to be people with integrity who contribute to the common good of society by having a possitive impact in their field of work with their professional practice.

Bloque 1

  • Análisis Estructural
  • Mecánica de Materiales
  • Elemento Finito
  • Dinámica para Estructuras

Bloque 2

  • Diseño Estructural
  • Diseño de Elementos de Concreto
  • Diseño de Elementos de Acero
  • Fundamentos de Mampostería
  • Fundamentos de Estructuras de Madera
  • Ingeniería Sísmica

Bloque 3

  • Diseño Estructural Plástico
  • Diseño Estructural de Acero
  • Dinámica de Estructuras
  • Diseño de Estructuras Preesforzadas
  • Dieseño Eolíco

Bloque 4

  • Diseño de Puentes
  • Diseño de Tenso-Estructuras
  • Análisis No Lineal
  • Casos Prácticos de Evaluación de Sistemas de Costos
  • Tópicos Especiales Calculo Vanguardista


Fridays from 4 to 9 pm

Saturdays from 8 to 2 pm


For information about financing, please contact the program coordinator.

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.

Perfil de ingreso

Civil engineers with at least two years of work experience, and specialized in the field of structural calculations.

Perfil de egreso

Graduates of the Master's program will develop their capacity to face structural design projects whose complexity requires deep knowledge.


The course offers the graduate the aptitudes needed to act professionally in an integral manner, to contribute to the common good, and to make a positive impact on his or her sphere of influence.


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Lic. Alejandra García Contreras

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