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Doctorate in the History of Thought

Doctorate in the History of Thought

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  • Seminario de Investigación y Tutoría I
  • Seminario de Investigación y Tutoría II

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  • Seminario de Investigación y Tutoría III
  • Seminario de Investigación y Tutoría IV


  • Textos Clásicos
  • Textos Filosóficos
  • Historia de la Filosofía
  • Teoría del Conocimiento
  • Humanismo y Mundo Contemporáneo
  • Artes Liberales
  • Literatura Universal
  • Teoría Literaria
  • El Hombre y Lo Divino
  • Historia de la Ciencia
  • Teoría de la Ciencia
  • Textos Históricos
  • Textos Políticos Modernos
  • Teoría Política
  • Estética e Historia Contemporánea


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Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.

Perfil de ingreso

The program is oriented towards professionals in any field of knowledge with

certified graduate studies.

Perfil de egreso

Upon completing the course, the participant will have acquired the following:


History of Human Thought

Arts: Music, Painting and Oratory

Political History and Political Theory


World Literature and Literary Theory

History of Science and Theory of Science

History of Philosophy

Foundations of Religion


Research in the field of the history of human thought.

Development of scholarly publications and dissemination of humanities.

Teaching at the secondary and tertiary levels.

Joint interdisciplinary humanistic knowledge.

Management and execution of interdisciplinary research projects.

Development of strategies for the promotion of humanistic knowledge in academic

institutions, cultural or government vocation.

Analysis of contemporary culture based on knowledge of classical culture.


Opciones de titulación


To obtain the Doctorate degree in History of Thought, it is necessary to cover the corresponding credits, prepare and defend an original thesis. The research topic must be registered by the student upon entering the program.


The thesis is a research paper that has to be done following the scientific methodology applied to the corresponding area.



Dr. Sandra Anchondo

Coordinator, Graduate Studies

School of Philosophy

Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences



Doctoral, Plantel Augusto Rodin: SEP agreement no. 2005029 at february 4, 2000