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Master of Operations Management

Master of Operations Management

The Master of Operations Management  allows participants to broaden their knowledge of business operations through administrative planning of resources and research techniques, from a perspective in finance and in international marketing.


The program guides the professional in implementing strategies which allow him or her to make decisions grounded in clear knowledge, with a systemic view of the company and the environment in order to identify in an objective manner different problems which may arise, as well as opportunities which generate competitive advantage.


The program guides participants to become experts in planning and control, allowing them to take on management, entrepreneurial or executive positions and to demonstrate capacity for advising a manufacturing or service organization in strategic planning of limited resources, with consideration to ethical principles of behavior.

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Planeación Maestra de Recursos Creación de la Demanda Humanismo Contemporáneo Planeación y Programación Detallada de la Producción Herramientas Sistémicas para la Dirección Ejecución, Medición y Control de Operaciones Sistemas de Ayuda a la Decisión
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Perfil de ingreso

Professionals in the field of Engineering or Economic-Administrative Sciences involved in planning and coordination of operations for different products or services, who seek to have a greater impact on their professional performance.

Perfil de egreso

The graduate will obtain knowledge of optimization of systems and design of new products and processes, understanding the synthesis of domestic and international market operations.


Graduates will obtain systemic vision which will enable them to analyze from production to financial decisions, or product or service supply to international markets.


They will have the tools for strategic planning and comprehensive administration of business risk.

They will identify financial and securities markets, as well as efficiently link market predictions with production and service capabilities.


They will efficiently handle multi-cultural and interdisciplinary work teams, promoting solutions through negotiation and leadership.

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