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Specialist in Advertising and Public Relations

Specialist in Advertising and Public Relations

The Specialist program in Advertising and Public Relations responds to the need to prepare professionals capable of combining creative effort with strategic planning and of developing comprehensive solutions in advertising and publicrelations.

Identify advertising opportunities with a global strategic orientation within an environment of competitiveness, ethics, and social responsibility.

Bloque 1: 
Fundamentos de Estrategia Publicitaria y Relaciones Públicas
Bloque 2: 
Administración de Cuentas
Bloque 3: 
Marca e Imagen
Bloque 4: 
Desarrollo de Conceptos Publicitarios
Bloque 5: 
Guión Publicitario
Bloque 6: 
Diseño de Campañas Publicitarias
Bloque 7: 
Ética y Marco Legal de la Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas
Bloque 8: 
Relaciones Públicas
Bloque 9: 
Manejo de Crisis y Negociación
Bloque 10: 
Taller de Campañas


Monday and Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm.

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information about financing, please contact the program coordinator.

Perfil de ingreso

The Specialist Course in Advertising and Public Relations is oriented to professionals who are familiar with communications and/or marketing within public or private organizations.

Enthusiasm for creativity and the implementation of theoretical concepts is a characteristic of the ideal candidate to the program.

Perfil de egreso

The Specialist Course in Advertising and Public Relations will be capable of understanding his/her audience or consumers. Thus, he/she will create the right message and offers solutions to problems in the field of advertising, communications, or marketing.

The field of action includes, but is not limited to:

Marketing departments in public or private companies

Advertising agencies

Media agencies


Market research agencies

Producers of audiovisual materials

Public Relations agencies

Opciones de titulación

  • Pass all the modules

    Cover all tuition fees

    Fill out forms

    Turn in documents

    Accept professional responsibility

    Receive professional license and diploma


Lourdes Padilla Luengas

5255 5482 1600 ext. 6135


Specialist, Plantel Rodin: SEP agreement no. 20090516 at agust 7, 2009