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Specialist in Amparo Law

Specialist in Amparo Law

The Specialist program in Amparo Law is officially recognized by the Secretariat of Public Education.


The course aims to professionalize participants and forms part of the National Program for Quality Postgraduate course of CONACYT.


a) General objectives

Develop lawyers with a profound knowledge of aspects related to Amparo trial, in view of the recent reform in matters of Human Rights and the new Amparo law. Contribute in this way to perfecting their professional practice.


b) Specific objectives

Provide participants with basic tools and updated knowledge which will enable them to understand the variables involved in Amparo law and the different branches of the field.

Develop a comprehensive perspective of the basic concepts of Amparo Law and the aspects relevant to it.


Develop abilities which allow participants to deepen and strengthen the knowledge and skills they need for reflection, analysis, and evaluation of situations regarding Amparo and to undertake this type of litigation.


Provide the participants with the knowledge and elements which will allow them to develop a solid set of values which can guide them in their profession.


Foster theoretical-practical work between professionals and teachers.


Give lawyers a profound knowledge of the nature of Amparo, so they can understand its scope.


Identify different types of problems in the nature of the Amparo, in such a way that participants will be able to find effective solutions.


Provide participants with the skills to solve real problems with recourse to Amparo.


Develop links and relationships with other disciplines which can be benefited by Amparo.


Tuesdays and Thursday from 7 to 10pm

Occasionally, classes will be programmed on other days in the same schedule. We ask students to have open availability


Exams are programmed on Fridays at 6pm.

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information about financing, contact the program coordinator.

Perfil de ingreso

Lawyers with two or three years’ experience and/or GPA of 8.5/10

Perfil de egreso

Upon completing the course, the participants will have acquired the following knowledge, skills, and attitudes.



a) A complete understanding of the different branches which comprise the subject.

b) Learn the historical background of Amparo law, the theoretical bases which gave way to the constitutional reform of 2011 in Human Rights and Amparo.

Understand the important changes made in Amparo Law in 2013.




  1. Identify possible cases of human rights violations in order to find applicable solutions.
  2. Register, retain, and recall information received either directly or indirectly.
  3. Give elements and fundamentals for the solution of an Amparo trial, and evaluate the implications thereof
  4. Identify, interpret, argue and solve different issues related to the constitutional reforms of 2011 and of the new Amparo Law.
  5. Be capable of continuous, autonomous learning
  6. Recognize and use appropriate the different terms which have been introduced in Human Right and in new Amparo Law.
  7. Recognize and use different media and technologies in Amparo
  8. Work alone or with a team to identify problems which give rise to Amparo
  9. Develop proceeding promotions to activate and give continuity to Amparo
  10. Develop interest in studying researching and proposing the best solution in Amparo




  1. Demonstrate a high sense of ethics in professional practice and the resolution of any problems related to the field of performance, promoting justice, the common good and social peace.




a) High sense of commitment and responsibility.

b) High ethical sense in their academic and professional performance.

c) High sense of justice.

d) Respect and protection of human rights, the common good and social peace.

Opciones de titulación

a. General Knowledge Exam:

1. Resolution of a case


2. Development of a Project

b. Academic Performance

c. Thesis


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