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Specialist in Biodesign and Environmental Technologies

Specialist in Biodesign and Environmental Technologies

The Specialist in Biodesign and Environmental Technologies is capable of developing industrial products in biodesign, through the use of methods focused on sustainability, incorporating the use of environmentally responsible materials and processes, through bio-mimetic design.


The specialist incorporates innovative and research topics to develop design responses that inspired by biological systems and living organisms for the creation or modification of products and processes, responding to needs identified in productive reality and in the environment.


The specialist defines actions with regards to the environment, considering the life cycle of products and the opportunity to improve productive processes with a view to ecological responsibility, considering, as well, domestic and international standards and regulations.

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The Specialist course in Biodesign and Environmental Technologies is oriented towards engineers in innovation and design, industrial designers, architects, or professionals of related fields, with knowledge of the process and methodologies of design.

Perfil de egreso

The graduate will have a solid preparation in the most up-to-date processes of conceptualization, development and management of Biodesign projects. He or she will have knowledge and a strong ethical foundation which integrates socio-economic, socio-cultural, socio-political, technological, market, and strategic aspects of project development in biodesign and environmental technologies.

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