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Specialist course in Entrepreneurs in Food and Beverage Business

Specialist course in Entrepreneurs in Food and Beverage Business

The Specialist course in Entrepreneurs in Food and Beverage Business seeks to offer the skills

needed to plan, organize, manage, and control the inauguration or re-engineering of any Food and Beverage business, satisfying current market needs.


Upon completing the program, the Specialist in Entrepreneurs in Food and Beverage Business will

be able to:

• Visualize business opportunities and define a solid strategy to start her own business in the

field of Food and Services.

• Have a broad overview of the disciplines that interact in the design, planning, development

and management of a new business.

• Understand the importance of innovation and the creative process to generate a business


• Recognize the abilities, skills, attitudes, talents and virtues needed to be a leader and

successful entrepreneur.

• Structure a Strategic Business Plan that serves as a solid platform to undertake a new


Bloque 1: 
Filosofía del Empresario
Bloque 2: 
Marketing Restaurantero
Bloque 3: 
Administración de Alimentos y Bebidas
Bloque 4: 
Diseño de Establecimientos de Alimentos y Bebidas
Bloque 5: 
Capital Humano
Bloque 6: 
Control Financiero
Bloque 7: 
Marco Legal y Fiscal en las Empresas de Alimentos


Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 to 10pm

Claustro de profesores

Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


For information on financing, please contact the program coordinator.

Perfil de ingreso

Persons interested in establishing a food and beverage service.

Perfil de egreso

Upon completing the program, the participant will have:


Developed the ability to organize, express and communicate ideas, instructions and data in a logical sequence

Ability to identify the needs of customers

Ability to identify areas of opportunity in the different stages of the Strategic Business Plan

Ability to coordinate material resources required for each type of food and beverage establishment

Ability to discuss and negotiate services and prices

Ability to make decisions that affect work operations and organizational procedures

Ability to work, organize and lead a team

Ability to adapt to various working conditions

Entrepreneurship to make a commitment that involves the creation of a new Food and Beverage business

Willingness to work in a team, fostering a friendly atmosphere at work

An attitude that is open, tolerant and respectful in relationships with others

An attitude of service, based on a deep understanding of human and professional ethical standards

Leadership that allows the achievement of objectives

Proactivity to satisfy the needs of each customer

Responsibility and commitment to the completion of a job well done and a firm dedication to service to contribute to the common good

Opciones de titulación

Upon completing the program, the graduate will receive a degree as a Specialist in Entrepreneurs in Food and Beverage Business. If the participant does not have a Bachelor’s degree, he or she will receive a simple diploma.

By completing a second specialist course, the participant can obtain a Master’s degree.


+ Specialist in Event Management = Master’s in Event Organization

+Specialist in Gastronomy = Master’s in Management and Operation of Food and Beverage Establishments

• The courses can be taken in any order.

• To begin a second specialist course, it is necessary to have covered all the credits of the first.

• To obtain the Master’s degree, it is necessary to have previously taken an Integration Seminar.


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