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Specialist in Engineering and Project Management

Specialist in Engineering and Project Management

The specialist is Specialist in Engineering and Project Management is prepared to carry out consulting,comprehensive advising, and to successfully manage projects. He or she is

capable of carrying out technical and human resource planning and of assuring the viability of projects by implementing efficient business plans.

The specialist is also capable of re-directing projects in contingency situations, minimizing the impact of adverse risks and maximizing the benefit of favorable risks.

The specialist will successfully apply teamwork strategies, negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership to develop projects within the organization.

He or she has especial interest in generating a systemic vision with a strong orientation towards technological innovation and design, but always with the ethical sense which characterizes our University.

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Planeación de Proyectos Aspectos Legales de Proyectos de Innovación Ingeniería de Proyectos Evaluación Económico Financiera de Proyectos de Inversión Ejecución y Control Operacional de Proyectos Proyecto Integrador
Creación de la Demanda Diseño del Productos y Procesos Análisis de Factores Sociales, Políticos y Económicos en Un Entorno Global Herramientas Sistémicas para la Dirección Administración de Recursos Humanos Gestión de la Información Asesoría Tecnológica Integral Sistemas de Ayuda a la Decisión Satisfacción del Cliente Auditoría y Dictaminación de Proyectos Gestión de Riesgos Temas Selectos de Dirección de Operaciones Temas Selectos de Gestión de Proyectos Temas Selectos de Logística



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Nuestros profesores comparten la convicción de que la educación personalizada es la mejor manera de propiciar el auténtico desarrollo de la sociedad.


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Perfil de ingreso

Graduates of engineering or economic-administrative fields who are interested in consulting, or development and implementation of successful projects.


Perfil de egreso

The graduate will be able to administer, optimize and manage with a systemic vision local projects in a global environment, or international projects. The graduate will be able to carry out technological consulting or advising.

The graduate will adapt rapidly to changes and situations with objectivity and an open mind while solving technological, administrative or human problems.

His or her ethical sensitivity will enable the graduate to act responsibly in the implementation of projects, participating in society and with consideration to sustainable development.


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Speciality, Plantel Augusto Rodin: SEP agreement no. 2006204 at june 13, 2006